Sunday, January 15, 2017

Let's Talk Two Years...

Today marks the two year anniversary of Whale & Wishbone, and oh how a year can fly by. It seems like yesterday I had a big mess of confetti in Astoria, and now I have a giant "two" balloon in East Williamsburg.... clearly everything and nothing has changed.

It's probably no surprise that I'm going to do a little looking back and a little looking forward in this post, all accompanied with an awkward bedroom balloon photo shoot -- including a few gifs (you're welcome). 

Let's start with the past, shall we? 

Looking Back:

2016 was a blur of a year, but here are a few of my favorite Whale & Wishbone posts and moments:

1. The Introduction of the Professional Posse Series

This has honestly been one of my favorite additions to the blog since its creation. I absolutely love sharing with you the professional stories of some brilliant, talented and inspiring young ladies (looking at you Shay, Elizabeth, Clare, and Shay). I love that Whale & Wishbone is a place where serious advice on early careers lives harmoniously next to not-so-serious advice on how to "pack the perfect beach bag." This series was born out of an idea from my sister Alexandra, and I will forever be grateful for it. 

Oh, and in case you're wondering, the Professional Posse will be back in action in 2017. I already have a crazy smart and stylish lady lined up for the first post of the year! -- be on the lookout for it this week.

2. Natalie and Stephen's Summer Bucket List

What can I even say about this series except the whole thing was ridiculous. Stephen made my summer unbelievably fun -- there was a Pinknic, Coney Island, Milkshakes, and a "questionable at best" rooftop pool. I'm currently trying to get Stephen to do another series with me this year. TBD exactly what that will look like, but God only knows the ideas Stephen will come up with.

[Side Note: If you haven't read Stephen's blog yet, you should abandon this post right now and do it.... then maybe leave him a nice comment harassing him to blog more.] 

3. A Few Other Favorites: 

It's currently three in the morning as I write this because "looking back" has caused me to get seriously sucked in to some old 2016 posts. It's crazy how you forget so much of what happened in the past year. I love having Whale & Wishbone as a kind of visual journal. Here are a few of my favorite posts from last year which also happen to be some of my favorite memories.

Snow Days and Crown Braids: a post-blizzard photo shoot with Caroline in Central Park (incidentally, Caroline also shot the photos for this post)

Snaps from Easter Weekend: a collection of photos from the holiday weekend in New York with my family

Viva La Brunch: Livin' that NYC brunch dream with one of my faves

Color Me Happy: a gorgeous weekend trip to Albany full of flowers and rainbow fires

Seas the Day: An annual trip to one of my favorite towns in the world

Don't Rock the Boat, Baby: a sunny day on the Central Park lake with my best friend

Now that we're done with the past, let's talk about the present. I hope you're enjoying these balloon pictures because, I'm not kidding, that stupid balloon cost me $15 at Party City. For real though, how does a balloon cost that much?!? I considered forgetting it, but I was already at the register when I found out the price and was basically the Phantom of the Opera ("past the point of no return", get it?). Anyway, #noregrets because I had no other ideas for photos to accompany this post, so I hope you're thoroughly enjoying all of them. I did try to change it up for you a bit.... 

Here's me cuddling with the balloon.... 

Here's me pretending to blog next to the balloon...

And here's me gazing adoringly at the balloon like it's my first born child. 

See? They're different. 

Ok let's talk about the future now. 

Looking Forward:

What does 2017 hold for me and Whale & Wishbone? I'm glad you asked. I'd love to share some vague plans with you. 

1. Brooklyn:

In case you missed it, I moved. I have a whole new trendy borough to explore and you can bet I'll be sharing it here.

2. Apartment Living:

Hand in hand with a new borough is my new apartment! For the first time, I have more than just a bedroom to decorate and I am ecstatic about it. You can bet I'll be sharing more on apartment style and baking endeavors this year.

3. Travel:

I'm trying to be serious about travel in 2017 -- small weekend trips upstate and to Rhode Island, medium trips across the country to California, and big trips to England and Hawaii. I basically want to be the Goldilocks of traveling. Looking back at 2016, it's easy to see that some of my most memorable adventures were outside the city, so it's time to get planning. Expect more travel posts this year.

4. Share More, Drop the Ball Less:

In all honesty, It's not easy keeping a blog, especially when it's not super "real." It's just something I do on the side for myself and a small number of readers. The hours that go into creating each post are sometimes as exhausting as they are enjoyable. But then, on a night like tonight, I look back at all of these posts from the past year and I'm so beyond happy I shared them.

Whale & Wishbone won't be going anywhere in 2017. I'll still be here, sharing as much as I can even when it's not perfect, and trying my hardest to bring you beautiful and meaningful content in equal measure.

As always, a huge thank you to all of my readers. Your continued support is everything and the fact that you're still popping in to read about me two years later makes my heart happier than you know. 

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