Sunday, July 10, 2016

Seas the Day

After a week of family fun at the beach it's "back to life, back to reality" as my mom likes to sing. She's right, if "back to reality" means attending a pink party with Stephen, because that's where you'll find me today! 
I can't even begin to tell you how much fun I had in Avalon this week, but the fact that I took over 1000 pictures might say something. I've included a selection here of some of my favorites and I think together they capture a week full of Wawa runs, Isabel's breakfast sandwiches, boardwalk rides, ice cream, family dinners, and of course the sound of the ocean. 

Climbing on this Jetty is probably the most rebellious thing I do every summer.

It's honestly not summer until I eat a chipwich on the beach super fast while it melts in my hands. 

This isn't even half of the family. It's next to impossible to get a full group picture. 

My stunning mom.... I literally could be adopted we look so different.

The family outfit coordination here is on point and totally unplanned. 

Side Note: both my dress and bag were rented from Le Tote -- if you remember, I talked about it here. I'll be sure to call out more Le Tote pieces as I wear them throughout the summer! 

Obviously I brought this bag to dinner at Tortilla Flats knowing I would take this picture. I dream about that cornbread. 

Alexandra for real hates pictures and I made her take about a thousand with me this week. She's the best.

My gorgeous Godmother and me on the bay. 

I haven't been to the Ocean City Boardwalk since I was a kid. I went with my cousins this year and it was magical. 

I brought my canon camera on these swings despite the risk of dropping it to its death. The photos were crazy cool though, so #noregrets. 

Carouselin' Cousins 

Marabella's just might have the best italian food at the shore. Everything is seriously incredible. 

If we're ranking Avalon Ice Cream, Sundae Best comes out on top every time. Mint chocolate chip on a cookie cone always. 

It's always sad to leave family and one of my favorite towns in the world, but I'm excited to be back in New York for more summer adventures.... and if you haven't heard, I've got big plans. I'll be keeping my vacation vibes alive and well until September, thanks. 

Outfit details: 
[Old Navy swimsuit and coverup] [Madewell sunglasses
[RD Style Dress // Le Tote] [Street Level wristlet // Le Tote][Loft kimono jacket] [Old Navy Sandal]
[Madewell plaid shirt] [Madewell plaid shorts]
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