Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Same Girl, New Borough

Hello from the other side...of an unintentional hiatus. Were you wondering if I slipped into a brunch-coma, or whether Phil pushed me into the Central Park lake, perhaps?  The short answer to where I've been for the past two months is titled "moving in New York," and let me tell you, packing up, finding an apartment, and actually moving is quite the hellish experience in this city. Apartments flying on and off the market at lightening speed is the norm, and to say it's anxiety inducing is putting it lightly. Somehow, I made it through, and I'm finally settled in a charming apartment, along with my lovely new roomie and fellow Birchboxer Fan Chen

If you didn't already pick up on it from the title of this post, I not only swapped apartments recently, but also boroughs. I moved from Astoria, Queens to East Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It's a big change, but to quote my sixth grade teacher, "variety is the spice of life."

Ok so real talk, I am obsessed with this new apartment. Fan is low key a saint and let me take the driver's seat when it came to decorating our shared space. Obviously, I was in heaven since this is the first time ever I've been able to furnish more than just the bedroom of an apartment. I've spent the last few weeks trying to make our space as beautiful as possible, and I can honestly say I already feel so at home here. 

So in a grand return to Whale & Wishbone after a longer than planned break, I'd like to share a few of my favorite photos of our home from the past four weeks. 

We begin with my dream couch -- the "be still my heart" one from West Elm I picked out before we even found our apartment. I snapped this when there was barely any other living room furniture. Oh, how that tufting makes me so happy. 

This rug is a cherished gift from my Aunt. It used to reside in her living room, and this past Thanksgiving she asked if I could use it in my apartment. I died, obviously. The colors are absolutely beautiful, and I'm still in awe of how perfect it looks with Lola.  

I filled the second shelf of our three tiered coffee table with some restaurant memorabilia, I've collected over the years. Matches, post cards, and business cards of some favorite new york city places always make me smile, and are a fun conversation starter when guests visit.