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The Professional Posse: Shay Myrick

There was never a doubt in my mind that Shay Myrick would make an absolutely amazing first profile of my Professional Posse series. Not only is she brilliant, gorgeous, and total #stylegoals, but she is also my go to gal when I need a little career perspective. My sister actually introduced us when Shay decided to make the move from Pittsburgh to NYC. They had previously interned together, and Alexandra correctly assumed we'd hit it off (obviously because we're both hilarious).

I'm so grateful Shay agreed to participate in this project, even allowing me a glimpse into the beautiful new Conde Nast offices at 1 World Trade Center for our photo shoot. I'm incredibly excited to share our interview with you. It's insightful and witty, and I hope you enjoy it. Although honestly, I was probably a little overbearing during the whole process -- below is a screenshot of a real convo in our working doc.

 I really did laugh out loud. 

Name: Shaquela Myrick
Age: 25
Field/Industry: Advertising /  Publishing
Title: Advertising Coordinator
Company: Conde Nast - Architectural Digest
Hometown: Pittsburgh, PA
Current City: New York, NY
Alma Mater: Point Park University

The Job:

Describe your role at Architectural Digest.

I am the coordinator to the Associate Publisher and Advertising Director at the magazine. Many of my duties involve supporting the managers across all departments with anything they may need. This includes making sure they're prepared for weekly management meetings, as well as pulling information quickly for random corporate requests or responding to the needs of advertisers. This role manages expenses, travel and the day-to-day scheduling of the AP and Ad director, but I’ve also had the opportunity to go beyond administrative tasks to do things such as prospect and run a list of accounts to be sold into the magazine.

What was the application and interview process like?

The application process at Conde started out pretty non-traditional. I was applying to everything and trying new ways to get in front of hiring managers, and started using Twitter. One late night after working a double shift in a hotel restaurant in Pittsburgh I saw a tweet from the Conde Nast Careers Twitter handle asking very broadly, “Does anyone want to work at Conde Nast?” I rolled my eyes and thought to myself “Duh,” while tweeting at the handle from my own account “yes, of course!” with a raised hand emoji. Fast forward to two weeks later, I had interviewed three times in the city, once with human resources, once with my current bosses, and once with the Executive Assistant to the Publisher. I accepted the position as advertising assistant, starting as soon as possible. Honestly looking back at this, it was a magical moment because, at the time, I never would have imagined securing a job here.

About how many jobs did you apply to when you graduated?

A ton sums it up! I wasn’t afraid to shop my resume around in order to in theory, find the “perfect” first job after graduation. So, I applied for any job across industries like fashion, entertainment and beauty until finally landing in magazine publishing.

What do you love about your job?

I love that I am at the epicenter of the brand. My position is unique because I have direct access and communication to the Publisher in serving as the back-up support to the Executive Assistant, but I also see the building blocks of all departments

Is there anything about your job that took some serious adjusting?

A major piece to my job is relaying communication between the sales reps in New York and the outside offices for the management team. So naturally it took time adjusting to managing schedules for two people whose time and expertise is in high demand. It also took time to adjust to different personalities while building my own confidence in taking care of needs accordingly.

Have you ever had a real "I love my job moment?"

My bosses make every day a learning experience and are willing to carve opportunity out for those who ask for it. I’m a young member of the team, so witnessing my two bosses inspire the sales team to work harder and sell bigger and more creatively makes me want to be able to push a team to be better one day in the same way.

What's the company culture like at Condé Nast?

Condé runs as a corporate structure where there are very clear channels of power internally. I feel very fortunate to have found a brand that truly believes in working hard and having fun while work is getting done. Our Publisher cultivates a familial environment where many members of the team have worked with him for years because he spearheads the importance of a work/life balance. We run a tight ship and have high expectations and want work to be done quickly, but we’re laughing and cracking jokes behind the scenes so stress mellows out.

How do you personally maintain that work/life balance?

I’ve set three things into my regular weekly schedule: work out 3x a week, grocery shop and keep a clean room. Work is hectic but I’ve found that if I can control these 3 things and promise that they’ll happen throughout the week, then I know that I will feel great and my mental state is in check; ready to battle anything!

What's the funniest thing that's ever happened at work?

EVERYTHING IS FUNNY WITH THIS TEAM. Our AP is known to sing at any point of the day or encourage whiskey drinking on Friday afternoons or doing a jig down the hall and rallying the entire marketing team to join in with her -- a mess! I don’t have one funny moment to call out but I do remember her doing a handstand at one point during a meeting to prove a point.

The Style:

What's the typical Condé Nast style?

Gucci and Prada…..
In my experience, this is what I see all day. Our floor is smack dab in between W Magazine and Vogue so you never know who you’re going to run into in the elevator or what they'll be wearing.

What's your go-to work style?

I think ‘clean and structured but groovy’ with my work attire. While Condé is a corporate company, there’s still a heavy fashion influence and exposure to celebrity no matter the brand. So I always want to feel put together when I walk through the doors.

Do you have a favorite store for work clothes?

I frequent COS + Zara for work clothes.

How did you make your desk your own?

I like to surround my desk with things from my real life and pictures of my friends and family because I want to work hard to make them proud. It’s like they’re with me in this.

How long does it take you to get ready for work in the morning?

About 1 hour. Waking up feeling flawless helps.

Do you have a style inspiration?

WOW too many: Sade, Rihanna, Chrissy Rutherford, Tiffany Reid, Solange Knowles and Olivia Palermo.

The City:

Why New York?
I’m obsessed with living in the mecca of media, fashion, entertainment and food. It’s truly a blessing to live here and thrive through it all.

How long have you lived here?

Two years this month!

Favorite NYC Season?

The fall season is my favorite because that’s when I think fashion editors and bloggers shine best in creativity with layering and fur coats. I swoon the entire season.

Favorite City Secret?

I refuse to share!

The Advice: 

Do you have any advice for young professional women who are just starting their careers?
My advice is to stick with it and don’t lose sight of who you are in the process. Listen to your gut feeling and don’t be afraid of change. Ladies, stay strong and check yourself, make sure you’re speaking up and challenging your thinking in the workplace. Someone’s eyes are always watching you so try your hardest to put your best foot forward. You should always be studying your craft as well. 

What's something you wish you had known when looking for a job?
In the beginning, I wish I had fully understood the role and what I was getting into. It all worked out for the best but since I wasn’t familiar with the magazine publishing industry it would have been helpful to hone in and understand the hierarchies and structure first.

What are your best resume tips?
Switch it up. Hiring managers are bombarded constantly so don’t let your resume fall to the back of the pile. Don’t be afraid to play around with fonts or look at resume trends in your field. Hiring managers want to be wowed, so have fun with trying new tactics at getting their attention.

What about your best advice for interviewing?
BE YOURSELF and make sure you walk away leaving your whole self on the table. You should be exhausted after an interview because you gave it your all. Especially in New York, you have to hustle and know that someone is right behind you on the other side of the door waiting to shine in that same interview -- make it count. Be creative and try to share something they haven’t heard or seen.

The End Game: 

What's Next?
I’m not entirely sure. I know I’ll be working with luxury, high-end brands for a while but in what capacity that’s still to be determined. 

Do you have a dream job?
I don’t have a dream job but I know I want to eventually work with food and the proper handling of what we’re provided in this country. I’m always dreaming about my interests and how to merge them all, but my motto today is to live with intent and build a life I can be proud of

Can't get enough of Shay? Find more on her LinkedIn or killer Insta

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