Saturday, January 30, 2016

For My Foodies

I am over-the-top obsessed with trying new restaurants in the city. I love seeing new places I want to try (Instagram is my biggest source of discovery) and adding them to an ever growing list I keep on my phone. On average, I think I try at least one new restaurant a week, and the best part about being in New York City, is that it's impossible to run out! 

You may already know that I keep a categorized page of awesome NYC restaurants on Whale & Wishbone here. What you may not know, however, is that I added a whopping 14 restaurants to it this week! 

I love to take pictures whenever I'm in a new restaurant (or any restaurant for that matter -- let's be real), but often it's not enough content to justify an entire post. That's why I decided to combine them today into one giant post, full of nothing but my never before seen restaurant pics! 

Foodies, this one's for you:

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Days and Crown Braids

East Coast blizzard, Jonas, meant a Saturday of espresso, books, movies, and breakfast in bed for me. Not to mention, avoiding going outside at all costs. But, when there was finally a break in the blizzard late Saturday night, a blanket of snow left New York looking like a winter wonderland, perfect for adventuring.

And so, on Sunday, I ventured from Astoria into Manhattan to meet my friend Caroline and visit what might arguably be the most magical place in the city after a big snowfall: Central Park. There are sleds and dogs and families, it's basically a scene straight out of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Central park in the snow is a small reminder of how beautiful this city is and in my opinion, should be on everyone's to "do in this lifetime" list. 

Friday, January 15, 2016

One Year of Whale & Wishbone

First and foremost: Let's Celebrate a Year

I'm honestly so excited to tell you that today marks the one year anniversary of my first ever post on Whale & Wishbone! That's a full year of "style, recipes, adventures and general whimsy." In honor of this milestone, I'm bringing you a confetti loaded celebration themed photo shoot complete with gifs! So get excited.

It's unbelievable to think about how much can change in 12 short months. I'm now a Fordham graduate and billionaire lottery winner*, living and working in New York City -- none of which I could say a year ago! 

I think change, although difficult sometimes, is largely a positive thing. And, despite what Annie thinks, you need to change to grow. That's why I want to use this post to introduce you to some exciting changes to the Whale & Wishbone you know and (hopefully) love, which will allow it grow into something even better. 

[*Side Note: I wrote this before Wednesday's Powerball drawing. What can I say? I was optimistic.]

Monday, January 11, 2016

You Can Never go Wrong with a Good Groutfit

I know my outfit posts on Whale & Wishbone are few and far between. The main reason why is that photographing them is always an all around uncomfortable experience. It by no means feels natural to have someone take a million solo pics of me in the street! I'm always the epitome of awkward.  

These posts have, however, proven to be some of my most popular to date and I'm always pleasantly surprised by how much I like them. That's why in 2016, I attempting to push myself out of my comfort zone and bring you more of these posts on the regular, starting today! 

This is currently a new go-to outfit of mine for this crazy non-winter weather we've been having in New York lately-- It's not cold, but it's not warm either, and it by no means feels like January. 

This time last year, there's no way I would have been able to wear cropped pants without freezing, but for this weather, they're perfect. Pairing them with boots and a turtleneck also helps to keep the look very "winter" feeling. 

(Pssst-- Both the turtleneck and the trousers are currently on sale! hooray! -- details at the end) 

If you can't tell, I've really been into the monochromatic look lately-- basically, groutfits for days!  Although, that doesn't mean I don't love pops of color. I used a red lip and bag here to keep this look more exciting. 

(Side Note: If you don't know, "groutfit"= gray outfit)

I love a good bargain and you'll find that almost every piece of this outfit is currently on sale. These Madewell boots, although no longer available, were a serious sample sale steal!

Most of you already know that I'm beyond obsessed with my Daniel Wellington watch, which was a graduation gift from my parents. It goes with absolutely everything and I'd honestly feel a little incomplete without it on.

My bracelet was a sparkly Christmas present from my Godmother. I love how glam it looks, and with a stretchy band, it's super comfortable too!

No joke this bright and adorable crossbody is only $19 from Old Navy! Like I said, I love a bargain. 

Shout out to my friend Caroline who acted as my photographer for this post. Although she's almost as uncomfortable holding a camera as I am in front of it, these pictures came out amazing and she kept me laughing the whole time. Thanks, Car! 

Ultimately, January is great month to dress as cozy and comfortable as possible, while still looking pulled together. That's why I'm planning to commit Kate Sander's cardinal sin all month long, and be a total outfit repeater.

Outfit: [Anthropologie trousers] [Anthropologie turtleneck] [Madewell boots, old] [Baublebar ear cuff, similar] [Old Navy crossbody]

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

My Insta Obsession: Accounts to Follow

January is all about setting the tone for your year, which is why I wanted to serve up a little inspiration for you today, as we finish our first full week of 2016. "Insta-spiration" might be a better word-- (that was bad, I know. I'm sorry... but not sorry enough to change it.)
Below you'll find five of my favorite Instagram accounts specifically chosen to inspire you to do more of what you love in 2016 -- you'll see that these instagrammers certainly are! 
Run by: Karina and Craig Waters
Type: Home Improvement

 In 2013, Australian couple Craig and Karina Waters purchased an incredible 18th century Chateau in the South of France that was in need of a lot of TLC - casual, right? Their Instagram account (and website) is dedicated to sharing the renovation journey with their followers. When I tell you this house is beyond gorgeous, I'm underselling it. It looks like something straight out of a fairytale. It's basically my dream home. Expect to see exterior shots, interior shots and really just anything going on at this amazing mansion nestled in the hills of Chateau-Verdun. 

Follow, and maybe get inspired to take on a new project! 
Run by: Beth Kirby
Type: Photographer
Beth Kirby's muted color palette and gorgeous photos are why I never mind seeing Local Milk on my Instagram feed. From her kitchen to her travels, every photo seems like a dreamland and it's easy to get swept up in how stunning they are together. Plus, I'm a sucker for beautifully styled flat lays.

Follow, and maybe get inspired to start bringing your camera along! 
Run by: Melissa Hie
Type: Food & Travel

Girl Eat World will leave you wondering whether you're hungry for adventure or just plain hungry! (hint: it's both). Melissa Hie is all about snapping pics of incredible food in incredible places. From North America to Europe to Asia, she's trying all the local cuisines and sharing them too! Who knew food looks so much better with a backdrop?

Follow, and maybe get inspired to be a more adventurous eater!
Run by: Leaf
Type: Lifestyle

While most of us tend to scroll past Instagram videos in our feeds, Leaftv will make you want to watch again and again. This is the only account I follow that has substantial video content. The concept behind leaf is to make 30-90 second "how to" videos that cover everything from "How to Make Classic French Toast" to "How to Organize Your Makeup" and everything in between. On Instagram, these short videos become even shorter (a mere 10 seconds) and they are beyond mesmerizing. 

Follow, and maybe get inspired to learn a new skill!
Run by: Clifford Luu
Type: Baker

It appears "architect" and "baker" are a match made in heaven -- at least for Cliff Luu. These insanely goreous cakes look more like they belong in a museum next to a Jackson Pollock, than on the dessert table. And get this, baking is just Luu's part time hobby. 

Follow, and maybe get inspired to turn your hobby into a business! 

It's my hope that your 2016 is full of happiness and inspiration, both in and outside of your Instagram feed. 
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Friday, January 1, 2016

Get Stuff Done in 2016

Happy 2016, readers, and welcome to the first Whale & Wishbone post of the year! 

To be honest with you, I've never really been a big fan of New Year's. Although it's heartening to see how hopeful the world is, I'm not in love with the sweeping declarations of personal goals. Maybe it's because statistics show that less than 10% of people who make a resolution this year will be watching the ball drop for 2017 having been successful. 

So there's clearly some sort of disconnect there. 

I think it's amazing that we all want to better ourselves, and it's true that you're far more likely to achieve a goal that you explicitly state, but I also think it's time to do away with grand resolutions. 

Instead, I challenge you to turn your 2016 resolution into two things:

1. Actionable Goals

It's all well and good to say, "In 2016, I'm going to lose weight" or "In 2016, I'm going to get organized." It's much better, however, to say "In January, I'm going to lose 5 pounds" or "In January, I'm going to clean out my closet." The second smaller goals are less overwhelming and you are much more likely to be successful with a goal that feels achievable from the start. 

Come January 31st, you can re-access your priorities and make new actionable goals for February, and so on!

Which brings me to the second thing you need:

2. A Plan

I think this is the most essential and challenging part of achieving goals. Make a goal and then ask yourself "how exactly am I going to do this?" If you really want to achieve something, break it down into steps and assign dates. Maybe this means a weekly weigh in or a Saturday set aside to organize. 
Don't forget to write your plan down and put it somewhere you can see! 


Lastly, don't let some arbitrary date dictate your success. Do you know how many times in a year I resolve to make a positive change in my life? A lot, that's how many! As my girl T-Swift says "It's never too late to be brand new." So make goals in January, but make them in February and June too! 

Despite my blogging, I'm pretty private when it comes to personal goals, but rest-assured I'll be making a few serious actionable goals and a plan for this month surrounding my personal health, work, blogging, you name it! -- I would never tell you to do something I don't myself. 

I will share one goal with you, however. In January, I will go to brunch at least once a weekend, and my plan is to invite my friends to go to brunch every weekend. In fact, I have plans to brunch tomorrow-- looks like this girl is already on the road to success!

So, Happy New Year, readers. I wish you all the success in the world.

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