Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Snow Days and Crown Braids

East Coast blizzard, Jonas, meant a Saturday of espresso, books, movies, and breakfast in bed for me. Not to mention, avoiding going outside at all costs. But, when there was finally a break in the blizzard late Saturday night, a blanket of snow left New York looking like a winter wonderland, perfect for adventuring.

And so, on Sunday, I ventured from Astoria into Manhattan to meet my friend Caroline and visit what might arguably be the most magical place in the city after a big snowfall: Central Park. There are sleds and dogs and families, it's basically a scene straight out of A Charlie Brown Christmas. Central park in the snow is a small reminder of how beautiful this city is and in my opinion, should be on everyone's to "do in this lifetime" list. 

You may well ask, "Is that the same coat from last year?" In response, I would say "good eye," and add my belief that a classic black winter coat never goes out of style. The scarf, however, is new and was actually knitted by yours truly. 

Side Note: I am going to make a stellar member of the elderly community one day. Just give me a scotch and some knitting needles, and I'm good. 

As you can see, I opted to sport a crown braid for my snow day activities. Now, let me tell you why this is the perfect style for winter adventures (or any adventures for that matter). A braid crown is simultaneously the most pulled together and low maintenance look. I promise you, that it is not as difficult as it looks and with just a few bobby pins and some hair spray, it will stay put all day long!

Caroline actually told me my crown braid was like "leather." When questioned further, she explained "it just looks better as time goes on." She's so hilarious. I never imagined I could be flattered when someone compared my hair to leather.

If you're interested, here's the tutorial I used. I think it shows the simplest way to get the look. 
For some personal tips, this product is my secret weapon to get my braid looking sleek even when I had some shorter layers peaking out, and this curling wand helps me get the perfect messy curls to frame my face.  

If you ever wondered what the majority of my photos from a "shoot" come out looking like, the answer is above. I included this one because i find it particularly hilarious.

When playing in the snow, I always opt for minimal jewelry. Who want's to worry about losing an earring while making a snow angel, amiright? This third eye necklace is one of my favorites and a gift from my best friend. Sadly it is from C. Wonder which no longer exists. -- I'm really not doing a great job at making this post "shoppable." My bad. Next time, I promise. 

Caroline is a cutie. Also quick shout out to the man who expertly took this photo for us. I always trust handing over my camera to a fellow Canon owner. Plus, when someone takes multiple shots and changing up the angle, you know they're not messing around.

And so, I hope your weekend was also equal parts cozy and adventurous. Here's to a productive week and another weekend just around the corner.

[Michael Kors coat, similar] [scarf, similar] [Anthropolgie turtleneck, similar] [Joules Boots] [Tory Burch Sunglasses]

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