Saturday, October 15, 2016

Don't Rock the Boat, Baby

Three day weekends give me life, and last Monday was Columbus Day. 
No work + beautiful weather + a visit from my favorite = one amazing day off. 

Phil is one of my closest friends, and last weekend he was visiting the city before heading to Navy supply school in Rhode Island. We had a whole day together, and it started how any good day off should: brunch

Later, as we walked by Central Park, Phil commented that he had never seen the iconic Bethesda Fountain, despite having lived in New York City his entire life. This sparked a spontaneous Central Park adventure. 

Renting a row boat on the Central Park lake was never the plan (evidenced by our forced trip to a fancy upper east side bank -- #cashonly), but spontaneity is the spice of life. Plus, boating on the lake has always been a dream of mine and I live my life in pursuit of the insta, so it was really a win on both counts. 

Also, look at those cute little turtles. 

Real talk, rowing is not as easy as Noah Calhoun would have you believe. I made fun of Phil's skills for 10 minutes before taking the oars myself and becoming the most uncoordinated person alive. To be fair though, Noah didn't have to navigate around 100 other boats... just some ducks

If you can't tell, we stopped for pics about as much as we rowed. I serendipitously dressed in nautical stripes, wearing one of my new favorite shirts from the Madewell x S├ęzane collection. 

Side Note: That whole collab is so beautiful and french and I'm in love.

Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Summer Days Drifting Away

While summer is literally a distant memory at this point, Stephen and I aren't ones to break our promises.  Today, we're bringing you the final installment of our summer series, and sharing a day where we accomplished a whooping 3 bucket list items! 
Why are we just posting this now, when this day happened in August? The truth is, Stephen and I are wildly uncoordinated -- *cough*, Stephen *cough cough*. So, Summer in October will have to do. 

Our first stop of the day was the Met rooftop to take in the skyline and see the Cornelia Parker exhibit. Truthfully, it took us two visits to the Met to accomplish this bucket list item. A week earlier, the rooftop was closed because of the heat, to which Stephen suggested the Met should just use a "go to the roof at your own risk" sign. Failing to convince the security guard with this compelling argument, we settled for lunch in the cafe. Fast forward to the next weekend and we asked about the rooftop exhibit before buying tickets. #foolmeonce

The view alone makes the rooftop worth a visit. I loved pointing out landmarks to Stephen, who, despite living just outside the city for his entire life, didn't know we were looking out at the west side of Manhattan. 

Totally jazzed about the accidental color coordination that occurred on this day. 

Cornelia Parker's incredible sculpture is both a fun and sinister addition to the Manhattan skyline. It's just under 30 feet tall and was modeled after the iconic Psycho mansion