Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Summer Days Drifting Away

While summer is literally a distant memory at this point, Stephen and I aren't ones to break our promises.  Today, we're bringing you the final installment of our summer series, and sharing a day where we accomplished a whooping 3 bucket list items! 
Why are we just posting this now, when this day happened in August? The truth is, Stephen and I are wildly uncoordinated -- *cough*, Stephen *cough cough*. So, Summer in October will have to do. 

Our first stop of the day was the Met rooftop to take in the skyline and see the Cornelia Parker exhibit. Truthfully, it took us two visits to the Met to accomplish this bucket list item. A week earlier, the rooftop was closed because of the heat, to which Stephen suggested the Met should just use a "go to the roof at your own risk" sign. Failing to convince the security guard with this compelling argument, we settled for lunch in the cafe. Fast forward to the next weekend and we asked about the rooftop exhibit before buying tickets. #foolmeonce

The view alone makes the rooftop worth a visit. I loved pointing out landmarks to Stephen, who, despite living just outside the city for his entire life, didn't know we were looking out at the west side of Manhattan. 

Totally jazzed about the accidental color coordination that occurred on this day. 

Cornelia Parker's incredible sculpture is both a fun and sinister addition to the Manhattan skyline. It's just under 30 feet tall and was modeled after the iconic Psycho mansion

Next on the agenda: bottomless brunch. Now I know we promised bottomless drag brunch, but do you know how difficult it is to get a drag brunch reservation in this city? Regular bottomless brunch had to do. 

We ended up at Paradou, a small french bistro in Chelsea known for it's bottomless deal: $30 for an awesome entree and unlimited champagne drinks. We were sold. 

I for real don't even know what to tell you about this brunch, except that we laughed a lot and Stephen would refill my glass before it was half way gone. He quickly charmed the girls at the table next to us and basically forced them to take photos for us. 

We're seriously stretching the definition of the word "pool" here. Stephen hyped Le Bain up big time, failing to mention that "kiddie pool with jets in the middle of a club" falls under his definition of "pool." He for real told me to bring a bathing suit, and I was an idiot for listening.  Obviously only my feet ever touched this water. 

This is proof of the rooftop part, so at least we met that criteria. 

Despite, my insistence that this is not a pool, I had a ton of fun here with Stephen. I can't even imagine how crazy this place is at night. 

And so ends our summer adventures. You've been with us through pink parties, milkshakes, food fairs, roller coasters, creepy barns, boozy brunches, and weird non-pools. Looking at that list, makes me wonder why any of you stuck it out this long. Although, I hope you enjoyed reading about our summer shenanigans as much as we enjoyed living them.
For Stephen's exaggerated account of the events of this day, check out his blog here
And check back soon, because I'll be switching gears quickly here on Whale & Wishbone to bring you lots of fall festivities. 
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