Sunday, April 23, 2017

A Los Angeles City Guide

"Where have you been?" Good question. The answer is, "lots of places." Most of them wearing overalls. 

"Why haven't you blogged?" Another good question. "Busy" is an obvious answer, but I can literally hear your eyes roll at that one. More truthfully, I haven't been feeling overly inspired lately. But, as Hugh Grant says in Music and Lyrics, "inspiration is for amateurs." So, I need to get over it. I apologize if my hiatus upset you, (hayyy Alexandra).

Now to zee good stuff. Recently I took a quick trip to LA to visit my fabulous friend Shay. If that name sounds familiar, you may have read her professional posse profile. I had an insane list of things I wanted to do in the City of Angels, and Shay seriously took me everywhere because she's a gemstone. She showed me cool rooftop bars, museums, shops, restaurants, and beaches, all while playing the La La Land soundtrack in the car. She even hosted me for an extra day -- shout out to winter storm Stella for that fun flight cancellation. 

And so, with all my infinite knowledge of LA (after 4 days with the best tour guide ever), I bring you my second ever Whale & Wishbone City Guide. Enjoy xx

To Do: 

The Broad

The coolest museum displaying the Broad family's private collection. The whole time, you'll be thinking... "will the Broad family adopt me?"

Griffith Observatory

Live your best La La Land life here -- Although, you def won't have the place to yourself, or float up to the ceiling a la Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone. There will be a killer view of the Hollywood sign, however.

I wish I had had more time here, but thanks to my poor planning I arrived about 30 minutes before closing. It's well worth a visit though, and the current Urban Light outdoor installation is beautiful.

Huge warehouses full of flowers -- Get there early to explore and/or pick out your wedding flowers. Then have breakfast at Poppy and Rose (see "to Eat").

The Los Angeles Public Library

Worth visiting for the gift shop alone. 

The Now Massage Boutique

Relaxing, affordable -- I went on my last day and it was a dream.

To See: 

Angel's Flight

Although currently shut down, it's still worth seeing -- Also, the crew of La La Land are rule breakers... a fun fact I learned courtesy of Shay. 

Explore and pretend you're a celeb! Also great for breakfast (see "to Eat").

The Hollywood Sign

Rodeo Drive 

I would put this one under "to Shop"... but I'm guessing you're not a millionaire.

To Shop: 

Abbot Kinney Blvd

Street in Venice with lots of great shops -- my favorite was Urbanic Paper Boutique.

The Apartment by The Line

Gorgeous apartments turned into shops -- You can even walk out on the balcony and pretend you just moved in. 

Sooo cute -- Shay took me here for ice cream on my first night, but since it was so late, we could only window shop as we walked around. 

The Grove

Huge outdoor mall -- I shamelessly looked around the American Girl store. 

Helms Bakery District

A collection of mostly gigantic home furnishing stores -- My mom would be super into it. 

A huge bookstore with a gorgeous gallery wall plus some boutique shops -- Also, the crime section is in a bank vault which is fun.


Artsy clothing and home goods store -- The dog wandering around is an added bonus. 

Classic shopping with all your faves (aka Madewell)

To Eat: 

Commissary at the Line

It's like eating in a gorgeous boozy greenhouse.

Fountain Room at The Beverly Hills Hotel

Classic counter breakfast -- You'll be eating alongside robe-clad guests. 

Grand Central Market

Gigantic food market with everything imaginable


You gotta see what the fuss is about-- I still say Shake Shack is better, but to each her own.  

Joan's on Third

Cafe/ market place -- We ate outside and Shay did not steer me wrong with a pulled pork sandwich and arnold palmer. 

Italian to share -- Without a res we squeezed in at the bar and split some seriously good food. 

Mexican food with amazing guac -- It's named for Tom Petty and Johnny Cash. 

Poppy + Rose

Adorable brunch place that's actually connected to the flower markets