Saturday, April 30, 2016

Snail Mail for Mom

We've got 1 week until Mother's Day, people! -- (I hope you read that in Ty Pennington's voice)
What's that you say? You still haven't put a card in the mail for mom? Well, not to worry because I've rounded up 6 of my favorites and where to find them. 
Typically, I'm a total procrastinator when it comes to getting stuff in the mail on time, but this year I was ON IT. Card? check. Gift? check. Anything for mommy dearest, amiright? 
While I didn't include the card I actually mailed (#spoilers for Barbie - a dedicated reader), the cards below were all in the running. Each one is beyond adorable, and guaranteed to impress your mother while simultaneously solidifying your place as the favorite child (only funny if you have siblings).

1. Pancake Breakfast in Bed
Inside: I hope your Mother's Day is perfect from beginning to end // Love you, Mom

Although you'll earn bonus points if you bring your mom actual breakfast in bed, this card is just as adorable and won't leave your kitchen looking like a disaster zone -- we can't all be Matilda

2. Mother Daughter
Reads: Happy Mother's Day to the Mom who taught me everything

The beautiful illustration and sweet sentiment of this card will have Mom beaming and maybe telling a few stories about you and her back in the good old days .... because let's face it, you were an angel.

3. Jumped Off a Cliff
Reads: Mom, last week everyone jumped off a cliff but I didn't go. 
Inside: Aren't you proud of me? Happy Mother's Day. 

A humorous way to tell mom, "yep, you were right about pretty much everything." She'll probably get all mushy and tell you she is proud of you --- ughhh mom, don't ruin it.  

4. Greatest Mom Certificate
Reads: You've been deemed World's Greatest Mom // For_____  // With Lots of Love_____

Sometimes simple and straight forward is the best way to go. Plus, what's more "mother's day" than a floral print and something mom will proudly display on the fridge. A++

5. Meryl
Reads: Mom... You're the Meryl Streep of motherhood! 

Meryl is flawless. So is your mother. What mom wouldn't love getting the highest compliment there is? 

4. Mother's Day Map
Reads: Mom, even though I live in ________ (location) // I'm sending all of my love back home to you today // Happy Mother's Day!  

A great way to show Mom your thinking about her, even though your far from home adult-ing in the real world. 

Parting words: Three cheers for Mom -- Now go put a card in the mail!

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Sunday, April 24, 2016

Viva La Brunch

On the weekends, there are two things I love to do in abundance: sleep and eat. Lucky for me, the two go hand in hand, because brunching is an integral part of New York culture. The city that never sleeps parties well into the night, and then demands breakfast food and cocktails the next day at 2pm. Restaurants pull out all the stops to make their brunch menus fabulous, and I liveeee for it.

Honestly, I would choose going to brunch over going to dinner every single time on the weekend. Why? Well, beyond the obvious incredible breakfast food and day drinking aspect, I love the whole vibe. New York is so cool and relaxed when it comes to brunch. It feels like everyone in the city is out, enjoying the weekend, which means prime people watching. Plus, your whole day (okay half the day) is in front of you after brunch! It gets me up and out the door on the weekend wayyy earlier than I would if I only had nighttime plans. That leaves more time for city adventures which, if you haven't already noticed, are my absolute favorite. 

Also, When I meet friends for brunch, it's rare that we part ways immediately after like we would have if we had gotten dinner, and obviously more friend time is a win! Two friends and I actually make a point to brunch together monthly, a ritual I lovingly refer to as brunch bunch. I actually accompanied both Kaitlyn and Paul on their first brunches, and I like to think it changed their lives. -- Although, that's probably doubtful seeing as they affectionally make fun of my brunch obsession constantly. One time Paul said something like "I imagine Natalie eats brunch three meals a day." #ifonly

As an afterthought, lighting is also a small reason I'm such a fan of brunch. You'll rarely find me on the weekend without my camera, and blog photos taken at a light flooded table by the window, will always be 100 times better than nighttime bar pics. ISO 100 wins every time.

This finally brings me to today's post, which consists of photos from a brunch day at the fabulous Egg Shop. I was meeting up with one of my favorite people, Casimir, before he moves to San Francisco and leaves me forever to hang out with That's So Raven [sob].   

Obviously, we coordinated wearing fun graphic tees for the occasion -- his: "Sunday Funday," and mine: "Viva La Brunch." Mine is incidentally an Old Navy treasure and gift from my sister. 

After eating,  We grabbed iced coffees at Happy Bones, and headed off to have photo shoots at brick and graffitied walls -- Cas just gets me. 

I styled this hilarious tee with a chambray button down and my new favorite sneaks in an attempt to create a look that was all together comfortable, casual and cool. #yayalliteration

Monday, April 18, 2016

The Professional Posse: Elizabeth Grady

Second ever professional posse post coming at ya in the form of the hilarious and adorable Elizabeth Grady. I can't say enough good things about this girl. She's so smart and strong and all around awesome. I couldn't wait to learn all about her career in digital marketing and her life in Atlanta -- a city I know next to nothing about, and incidentally one she moved to knowing no one her age. 

I'm beyond appreciative that she agreed to participate, answering all of my questions and bravely asking a coworker to take some office pics of her. Upon receiving her photos, I couldn't help commenting on the intense shade of green of her office walls. Her response? "Green is my favorite color, so it's meant to be." Something, she informed me, she also mentioned in her interview to land the gig! Ladies and gentleman, a little personality in an interview really does go a long way. 

Name: Elizabeth Grady
Field / Industry: Digital Marketing
Title: Digital Strategy Coordinator
Company: Vert Digital
Hometown: Buffalo, NY
Current City: Atlanta, GA
Alma Mater: St. Bonaventure University

The Job

Describe your role at Vert.

I love my role at Vert because it’s constantly evolving with the exciting new addition of clients and projects. As an agency, Vert is broken into four internal teams: creative & development, brand strategy, account strategy and paid media. My position falls in the account strategy team. Basically we put all the pieces of a project together across the other teams and serve as the main point of communication with the client.  Within my team I manage projects for a handful of clients that typically fall in the direct response/ lead generation category – definitely more B2B.

What was the application and interview process like?

Despite the fact that I had applied for countless positions for months before I found Vert, the process with Vert was a swift process. I stumbled upon the agency through a Google search of “digital marketing agency Atlanta,” filled out an application, received a response in a week and had two interviews. The whole process took a solid 2 weeks.

I took a “social marketing” intern position initially with Vert. I’d advise recent grads to put their egos aside and be willing to spend some time interning after graduation. I had my Master’s, but the things I learned as an intern at Vert prepared me more for a full time position with the company than any of my graduate school courses. I really got a feel for the company culture, our clients and post-grad life during those 3 months, which prepared me for confidently joining the team as a full time “Vertbag.” It was almost like Vert and I got to date for awhile before we settled down and *officially became a couple*.

Monday, April 11, 2016

New York (Insta)spiration

Geotags might be my favorite part of Instagram. They're like little roadmaps that accompany a photo. Like this beautiful brunch pic?-- Well, here's exactly where the restaurant is! 
See this gorgeous brownstone?--Here are the cross streets! 

I have a full photo folder in my phone (wow that's an awesome phrase) of new places I want to go and they're all just screenshots of Instagram geotags. 
(see below a screenshot of those screenshots #inception)

Geotags are essentially the reason I always turn to Instagram first when I'm in search of a little new New York. Today, I want to share with you six of my favorite NYC grammers who are not only killing the game, but also inspired about 90% of my "places to go folder" with their gorgeous photos and awesome use of geotags. 


Run by: Patrick Janelle
Type: photographer

Run by: Krystal Bick
Type: blogger

Run by: Fliickman
Type: photographer

Run by: Meghan Donovan
Type: blogger

Run by: Amy Chan
Type: personal

Run by: Carissa Burton
Type: personal

So get inspired and then get exploring! There's a great big New York City to see. 
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Monday, April 4, 2016

Snaps from Easter Weekend

For the second year in a row, my family came to me for Easter Weekend -- thankfully, saving me the long excruciating trip that is the 8 hour bus ride to Pittsburgh. Having family in New York is always such a treat, not only because we're rarely all in the same place anymore, but also because, as an adopted New Yorker, I have a large say in our itineracy. 

With less than 48 hours to spend together, we had a jam packed schedule which basically consisted of eating our way through the city. So, Cannon in tow, I set out to capture all the best moments of our weekend. 

The Standard Biergarten 

The one "kids-only" stop of the weekend, Alexandra and I met up with a few of my friends for some pre family dinner fun. The Standard Biergarten is huge and bustling, in the shadow of the high line. You can't go wrong kicking off Easter weekend drinking beer from a boot glass and cramming into a photo booth with friends. 

Aria West Village

The perfect place for sharing, which is great because my family is all about the appetizers. The menu is Italian tapas, and the small plates allow you try a lot. Trust me, you'll want to because the food is incredible. Some of my faves? the Mozzarella Saporita and the Pure Di Patate (aka black truffle mashed potatoes)!


I made the fam trek to two different ice cream shops over the course of the weekend. With a focus on texture and zero additives, Morgenstern's flavors are beyond amazing. As a bonus, the shop aesthetic is on point with its blue accents and black and white tiled floor -- also, the mirrored wall allowed for the awesome family photo above. #werecute