Monday, April 11, 2016

New York (Insta)spiration

Geotags might be my favorite part of Instagram. They're like little roadmaps that accompany a photo. Like this beautiful brunch pic?-- Well, here's exactly where the restaurant is! 
See this gorgeous brownstone?--Here are the cross streets! 

I have a full photo folder in my phone (wow that's an awesome phrase) of new places I want to go and they're all just screenshots of Instagram geotags. 
(see below a screenshot of those screenshots #inception)

Geotags are essentially the reason I always turn to Instagram first when I'm in search of a little new New York. Today, I want to share with you six of my favorite NYC grammers who are not only killing the game, but also inspired about 90% of my "places to go folder" with their gorgeous photos and awesome use of geotags. 


Run by: Patrick Janelle
Type: photographer

Run by: Krystal Bick
Type: blogger

Run by: Fliickman
Type: photographer

Run by: Meghan Donovan
Type: blogger

Run by: Amy Chan
Type: personal

Run by: Carissa Burton
Type: personal

So get inspired and then get exploring! There's a great big New York City to see. 
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