Sunday, April 24, 2016

Viva La Brunch

On the weekends, there are two things I love to do in abundance: sleep and eat. Lucky for me, the two go hand in hand, because brunching is an integral part of New York culture. The city that never sleeps parties well into the night, and then demands breakfast food and cocktails the next day at 2pm. Restaurants pull out all the stops to make their brunch menus fabulous, and I liveeee for it.

Honestly, I would choose going to brunch over going to dinner every single time on the weekend. Why? Well, beyond the obvious incredible breakfast food and day drinking aspect, I love the whole vibe. New York is so cool and relaxed when it comes to brunch. It feels like everyone in the city is out, enjoying the weekend, which means prime people watching. Plus, your whole day (okay half the day) is in front of you after brunch! It gets me up and out the door on the weekend wayyy earlier than I would if I only had nighttime plans. That leaves more time for city adventures which, if you haven't already noticed, are my absolute favorite. 

Also, When I meet friends for brunch, it's rare that we part ways immediately after like we would have if we had gotten dinner, and obviously more friend time is a win! Two friends and I actually make a point to brunch together monthly, a ritual I lovingly refer to as brunch bunch. I actually accompanied both Kaitlyn and Paul on their first brunches, and I like to think it changed their lives. -- Although, that's probably doubtful seeing as they affectionally make fun of my brunch obsession constantly. One time Paul said something like "I imagine Natalie eats brunch three meals a day." #ifonly

As an afterthought, lighting is also a small reason I'm such a fan of brunch. You'll rarely find me on the weekend without my camera, and blog photos taken at a light flooded table by the window, will always be 100 times better than nighttime bar pics. ISO 100 wins every time.

This finally brings me to today's post, which consists of photos from a brunch day at the fabulous Egg Shop. I was meeting up with one of my favorite people, Casimir, before he moves to San Francisco and leaves me forever to hang out with That's So Raven [sob].   

Obviously, we coordinated wearing fun graphic tees for the occasion -- his: "Sunday Funday," and mine: "Viva La Brunch." Mine is incidentally an Old Navy treasure and gift from my sister. 

After eating,  We grabbed iced coffees at Happy Bones, and headed off to have photo shoots at brick and graffitied walls -- Cas just gets me. 

I styled this hilarious tee with a chambray button down and my new favorite sneaks in an attempt to create a look that was all together comfortable, casual and cool. #yayalliteration

When I tell you that Egg Shop seriously "egg"ceeded my expectations, I'm saying it because it's true, and not just because I love a good pun. Everything was SO GOOD, from my cruiser, to the hash browns, to the drinks! heavenly. 

More brick wall. 
(Side Note: these pics were nightmareish to edit. I was constantly asking myself "was that line affected by lens distortion or was the wall really like that!?" I maybe went a little crazy. It's fine.)

New York likes to call a spade a spade. 

This graffitied wall was in a high traffic area. This picture was worth it. 

If you're like me and can't get enough of brunch, then head here and check out my NYC restaurant guide. I'm constantly making updates to bring you the best of the best. So if you think about it, my excessive brunching is essentially a public service. 

Outfit: [Old Navy Tee] [J Crew Leggings] [J Crew button down, similar] [Adidas sneakers] [Tory Burch Sunglasses, similar] [Daniel Wellington watch] [ModelCo lipstick
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