Monday, April 4, 2016

Snaps from Easter Weekend

For the second year in a row, my family came to me for Easter Weekend -- thankfully, saving me the long excruciating trip that is the 8 hour bus ride to Pittsburgh. Having family in New York is always such a treat, not only because we're rarely all in the same place anymore, but also because, as an adopted New Yorker, I have a large say in our itineracy. 

With less than 48 hours to spend together, we had a jam packed schedule which basically consisted of eating our way through the city. So, Cannon in tow, I set out to capture all the best moments of our weekend. 

The Standard Biergarten 

The one "kids-only" stop of the weekend, Alexandra and I met up with a few of my friends for some pre family dinner fun. The Standard Biergarten is huge and bustling, in the shadow of the high line. You can't go wrong kicking off Easter weekend drinking beer from a boot glass and cramming into a photo booth with friends. 

Aria West Village

The perfect place for sharing, which is great because my family is all about the appetizers. The menu is Italian tapas, and the small plates allow you try a lot. Trust me, you'll want to because the food is incredible. Some of my faves? the Mozzarella Saporita and the Pure Di Patate (aka black truffle mashed potatoes)!


I made the fam trek to two different ice cream shops over the course of the weekend. With a focus on texture and zero additives, Morgenstern's flavors are beyond amazing. As a bonus, the shop aesthetic is on point with its blue accents and black and white tiled floor -- also, the mirrored wall allowed for the awesome family photo above. #werecute

The East Pole 

Brunching in a brownstone is just so New York, which is why it was the perfect choice for Easter Sunday. I'm still dreaming of that toast with homemade jam.


A New York City treasure and a weekend stop chosen by my Mom. It wouldn't be difficult to spend an entire day in this bookstore, famous for its 18 miles of books. It's also quite easy to get lost both literally and figuratively. I'm not going to lie-- I couldn't find Mom, Dad or Alexandra for about 20 minutes at one point. 


The skincare first makeup brand launched their phase two set with a three weekend long penthouse showroom in Soho. It was fun to shop the line with Mom and Alexandra, although Dad may have dozed off on the rooftop patio. 

Sundaes and Cones

The second ice cream stop of the weekend. Honestly, give me a waffle cone dipped in chocolate and sprinkles and I'm sold. It was so. good. 

We finished Easter Sunday with a drive through Astoria Park and dinner at Vesta Trattoria & Wine Bar. A delicious and relaxing dinner to cap off a crazy wonderful weekend.  Now, if I could only get my family to visit for every holiday... or maybe just come pick me up -- we'll talk about it. 

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