Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Weekend in Review

Hello friends! On this lovely Tuesday morning I thought I would share some of my weekend highlights with you.

[Side note: I wanted to make this a Monday post, but I've been procrastinating--whoops. Anyway, now we're just one day closer to next weekend, so that's good right? You're welcome.]

Now, back on track...

My first weekend highlight comes in the form of Friday night dinner with my sister and our friend, Greta. At Alexandra's recommendation, we tried the Livermore in Pittsburgh. My main takeaways?Let me just say, the small menu certainly packs a big punch and the dining room could make anyone feel trendy. 

Small plates encourage sharing which is perfect because everything from dinner to dessert is absolutely delicious. I had the garden salad (above) which was great, while Alexandra and Greta both tried the gemelli genovese which was beyond incredible. 

I die over this wooden bar with its shelving and books. We all agreed it's very Hey Bartender
[Side Note: if you haven't seen the Hey Bartender documentary yet, add it to your instant Netflix list ASAP. ]

On Saturday night, Alexandra and our friends made the trek to Grandview park for an outdoor screening of the Wizard of Oz. I'm using "made the trek" here as a dramatic way to say we just drove up to Mount Washington. 

I absolutely love outdoor movies whether they're in Pittsburgh or New York, and while it feels like summer will soon be drawing to a close, both cities still bolster some pretty impressive lineups!  

You can find a comprehensive summer schedule of outdoor movies in Pittsburgh here and a New York version here

Watching Dorothy follow the yellow brick road and click her red ruby slippers is definitely better when it's against a sparkling Pittsburgh backdrop.

Sunday was a total family day for me involving a trip to Target and WholeFoods followed by dinner at home. It was the perfect relaxing end to a busy weekend. 
This Wednesday, I'll be heading back to my beloved New York for a few days and the excitement is real. 
So, get ready for some more city adventures soon!
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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Anniversary (Sale) to All

While the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale officially begins on the July 17th, with early access the fun began for Nordstrom card holders last Thursday. And let me tell you, the sale is pretty fantastic this year, so all I can say is God bless my mother for being a cardholder. Her early access allowed me to ride her coattails all the way to the top (aka the checkout counter) with some fabulous sale items. Armed with our game faces and some birthday money, Mom and I braved the first day of the sale and ended up having the best day. 

When all was said and done, I had made three purchases that not only am I completely in love with, but that were also absolute steals!

I have such a weakness for tortoise shell anything and these sunglasses are just to die for. After having tragically lost my last two pairs of Ray Bans over two years ago (I broke one pair and left the other pair on a train... let's not talk about it), I figured it was finally time for a really nice replacement pair. These Tory Burch Nordstrom Exclusive pair are just what I've been looking for. 

$139.90 // $210.00 after sale // $70.10 total savings

I'm definitely not a big bag lover. I'm always much more likely to spend money on jewelry or makeup than a new handbag, but, I'll admit there does come a point when "you're just in desperate need of an update," as my mother so lovingly puts it.  Enter this tote. It's absolutely beautiful, super classic and the perfect price point to justify the purchase. I'm 100% sold. 

$31.90 // $48.00 after sale // $16.10 total savings

Ughh the only thing I love more than Topshop is a sale on Topshop. This coat is so gorgeous and oversized which is perfect for Fall layering. Even though I'm a total coat hoarder (they're absolutely my favorite thing to buy) I've also been in desperate need of a brown coat so this purchase was completely necessary. Also you can't beat that sale price, amiright!?

$99.90 // $160.00 after sale // $60.10 total savings 

Side Note: The whole "90 cents" thing isn't fooling anyone, Nordstrom. 

Mom and I started with lunch in the Nordstrom cafe but the anniversary sale mayhem made a coffee break necessary. 

This photo accurately portrays the excitement we couldn't contain and we didn't even buy these boots! 

So here are my parting words of wisdom. If you don't have a card, you can still take a sneak peak at the sale online and see what you like before the 17th. If you have a card get yourself to a Nordstrom asap or just shop online because that's also super fun, and Nordstrom has the best return policy ever. 

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Not a Mattress or Factory in Sight

Following a rather excellent July 4th celebration, on July 5th I drove into Pittsburgh with my sister Alexandra and our friend Matthew for a day of adventuring. On Alexandra's recommendation, we decided to visit the Mattress Factory, which, despite what it's name suggests, is not a factory and has no mattresses. Instead it's a museum featuring site specific installations. 

But, side note: Really, why do that? Don't get me wrong, the name is super artsy given that one of the three buildings was originally a mattress factory, but it all just seems deliberately confusing. 

Anyway, I had zero expectations going in and it ended up being just about one of the coolest and most bizarre museums I've ever been to. "Extraordinary experiences inside" is an understatement. 

This room was part of the museum's current Damn Everything but the Circus Exhibit by Benjamin Sota. We had the best time playing with absolutely everything. So, #goodbyeforever I'm joying the circus. 

Also another side note: I die at how 110% focused the rope is in this picture and how blurry I am, because even though I love it and think it's pretty artsy, it completely by accident on Alexandra's part. 

Best. Gif. Ever. I think Matthew called ahead to coordinate with the background. 

 Quite possibly my favorite room in the museum by John Morris. It was interesting to read that Morris only used "found materials to test the boundaries between art [and] non-art."

It's hilarious how much I love the out of focus pictures that were complete accidents. You're killing it, Alexandra. 

Speaking of killing it, Matthew has got that pensive observer vibe down while looking at Anne Lindberg thread instillation. 

A few blocks from the Mattress Factory is Randyland. (What even is that sentence that I just wrote?) Artist Randy Gilson, opens up the colorful courtyard of his home, nicknamed Randyland, to the public everyday free of charge. It's full of murals, sand, butterflies, dinosaurs, the heads of mannequins. You can't make this stuff up. 

Randy is just about the sweetest and craziest person you'll ever talk to. He told Matthew to take this picture, and how I previously lived my life without it I'll never know. 

[Loft shirt, old] [H&M floral pants, old] [Daniel Wellington Watch] [J. Crew Factory Bracelet, Similar] [NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Cruella] [Maybelline Nail Polish in Blue Bombshell]

Let's sum up, shall we? If you're in Pittsburgh you really should visit the Mattress Factory and after, make a quick stop at Randyland.  I promise, you'll have a wonderfully weird day and really, couldn't we all use a few more of those? 

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Family, Friends, Food and Fireworks

My forth of July festivities involved a fabulous party in my backyard, the planning of which I had very little to do with. My parents lovingly planned and hosted a patriotic shindig for our family friends, complete with music, decorations and lots of food. My only major contribution was demanding there be sparklers present, which there of course were, because they love me. 

These decadent cupcakes were from Whole Foods. The single American flag was an added personal touch from my adorable mother, just before I took the picture.

A post dinner friends photo shoot was necessary as we were all collectively killing the patriotic outfit game.  From left to right, that's Greta, my sister Alexandra, Matthew and Kelly. 

Here are the aforementioned demanded sparklers. Clearly, there was some group apprehension about lighting. #greta

I feel like this picture is something straight out of Harry Potter. Also if you haven't noticed, I've recently been absolutely obsessed with my new Daniel Wellington Watch. It was a graduation present  from my parents and I've been wearing it constantly either with this blue and white band or this tan band

Looking back at these pictures, I feel like the flame was questionably close to my face, but it's fine. #anythingforthegram


Anyway, Happy 239th Birthday, America. You don't look a day over 200. 
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