Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Family, Friends, Food and Fireworks

My forth of July festivities involved a fabulous party in my backyard, the planning of which I had very little to do with. My parents lovingly planned and hosted a patriotic shindig for our family friends, complete with music, decorations and lots of food. My only major contribution was demanding there be sparklers present, which there of course were, because they love me. 

These decadent cupcakes were from Whole Foods. The single American flag was an added personal touch from my adorable mother, just before I took the picture.

A post dinner friends photo shoot was necessary as we were all collectively killing the patriotic outfit game.  From left to right, that's Greta, my sister Alexandra, Matthew and Kelly. 

Here are the aforementioned demanded sparklers. Clearly, there was some group apprehension about lighting. #greta

I feel like this picture is something straight out of Harry Potter. Also if you haven't noticed, I've recently been absolutely obsessed with my new Daniel Wellington Watch. It was a graduation present  from my parents and I've been wearing it constantly either with this blue and white band or this tan band

Looking back at these pictures, I feel like the flame was questionably close to my face, but it's fine. #anythingforthegram


Anyway, Happy 239th Birthday, America. You don't look a day over 200. 
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