Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Happy Anniversary (Sale) to All

While the annual Nordstrom Anniversary Sale officially begins on the July 17th, with early access the fun began for Nordstrom card holders last Thursday. And let me tell you, the sale is pretty fantastic this year, so all I can say is God bless my mother for being a cardholder. Her early access allowed me to ride her coattails all the way to the top (aka the checkout counter) with some fabulous sale items. Armed with our game faces and some birthday money, Mom and I braved the first day of the sale and ended up having the best day. 

When all was said and done, I had made three purchases that not only am I completely in love with, but that were also absolute steals!

I have such a weakness for tortoise shell anything and these sunglasses are just to die for. After having tragically lost my last two pairs of Ray Bans over two years ago (I broke one pair and left the other pair on a train... let's not talk about it), I figured it was finally time for a really nice replacement pair. These Tory Burch Nordstrom Exclusive pair are just what I've been looking for. 

$139.90 // $210.00 after sale // $70.10 total savings

I'm definitely not a big bag lover. I'm always much more likely to spend money on jewelry or makeup than a new handbag, but, I'll admit there does come a point when "you're just in desperate need of an update," as my mother so lovingly puts it.  Enter this tote. It's absolutely beautiful, super classic and the perfect price point to justify the purchase. I'm 100% sold. 

$31.90 // $48.00 after sale // $16.10 total savings

Ughh the only thing I love more than Topshop is a sale on Topshop. This coat is so gorgeous and oversized which is perfect for Fall layering. Even though I'm a total coat hoarder (they're absolutely my favorite thing to buy) I've also been in desperate need of a brown coat so this purchase was completely necessary. Also you can't beat that sale price, amiright!?

$99.90 // $160.00 after sale // $60.10 total savings 

Side Note: The whole "90 cents" thing isn't fooling anyone, Nordstrom. 

Mom and I started with lunch in the Nordstrom cafe but the anniversary sale mayhem made a coffee break necessary. 

This photo accurately portrays the excitement we couldn't contain and we didn't even buy these boots! 

So here are my parting words of wisdom. If you don't have a card, you can still take a sneak peak at the sale online and see what you like before the 17th. If you have a card get yourself to a Nordstrom asap or just shop online because that's also super fun, and Nordstrom has the best return policy ever. 

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