Saturday, April 30, 2016

Snail Mail for Mom

We've got 1 week until Mother's Day, people! -- (I hope you read that in Ty Pennington's voice)
What's that you say? You still haven't put a card in the mail for mom? Well, not to worry because I've rounded up 6 of my favorites and where to find them. 
Typically, I'm a total procrastinator when it comes to getting stuff in the mail on time, but this year I was ON IT. Card? check. Gift? check. Anything for mommy dearest, amiright? 
While I didn't include the card I actually mailed (#spoilers for Barbie - a dedicated reader), the cards below were all in the running. Each one is beyond adorable, and guaranteed to impress your mother while simultaneously solidifying your place as the favorite child (only funny if you have siblings).

1. Pancake Breakfast in Bed
Inside: I hope your Mother's Day is perfect from beginning to end // Love you, Mom

Although you'll earn bonus points if you bring your mom actual breakfast in bed, this card is just as adorable and won't leave your kitchen looking like a disaster zone -- we can't all be Matilda

2. Mother Daughter
Reads: Happy Mother's Day to the Mom who taught me everything

The beautiful illustration and sweet sentiment of this card will have Mom beaming and maybe telling a few stories about you and her back in the good old days .... because let's face it, you were an angel.

3. Jumped Off a Cliff
Reads: Mom, last week everyone jumped off a cliff but I didn't go. 
Inside: Aren't you proud of me? Happy Mother's Day. 

A humorous way to tell mom, "yep, you were right about pretty much everything." She'll probably get all mushy and tell you she is proud of you --- ughhh mom, don't ruin it.  

4. Greatest Mom Certificate
Reads: You've been deemed World's Greatest Mom // For_____  // With Lots of Love_____

Sometimes simple and straight forward is the best way to go. Plus, what's more "mother's day" than a floral print and something mom will proudly display on the fridge. A++

5. Meryl
Reads: Mom... You're the Meryl Streep of motherhood! 

Meryl is flawless. So is your mother. What mom wouldn't love getting the highest compliment there is? 

4. Mother's Day Map
Reads: Mom, even though I live in ________ (location) // I'm sending all of my love back home to you today // Happy Mother's Day!  

A great way to show Mom your thinking about her, even though your far from home adult-ing in the real world. 

Parting words: Three cheers for Mom -- Now go put a card in the mail!

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