Thursday, September 22, 2016

My Friends: Stephen and Nathan

It may be the first day of Fall, but thanks to Stephen perpetually pushing back these posts, we'll still be talking Summer on Whale & Wishbone at least three more times in the near future. 

Next up, Coney Island, and honestly, it's not a true New York City summer until you go. Stomachs full from our Smorgasburg adventure, Stephen and I were ready to do some serious roller coaster riding -- in hindsight it seems so dumb to go from eating our weight at a food fair to riding upside down at an amusement park, but we were blinded by excitement and delirious form the heat.

This day was a dream for my inner photographer: unbelievably bright with clouds that looked photoshopped. Coney Island feels a little like stepping back in time to old New York. Icons like Nathan's and the Wonder Wheel all feel like they've been there forever. 

I mean look at these clouds. LOOK AT THEM. 

Coney Art Walls are currently on display outside Luna Park. It's an outdoor museum for street art, featuring immense art walls from 24 different artists. Stephen and I had a blast admiring and taking pics.  Above is a wall by Stephen Powers, and below is by The London Police.

Stephen is basically on America's Next Top Model here. #wewererootingforyou

Dancing in the street (art) - get it? 


The button down I wore is from Target and has a pattern of little swimmers on it. I think it's adorable and totally locale appropriate. 

Boardwalk ride tickets are always crazy expensive when you compare it to what you would pay for a day pass to a chain amusement park. But it's all about the experience, amiright? 

Although... it does make me think about how much I must have cost my parents as a kid. I can't imagine baby Natalie settling for the mere 10 credits and one ride Stephen and I purchased.
 -- My belated apologies, Mom and Dad.  

Our ride of choice? The Thunderbolt. 

Side Note: I am still NOT OVER these clouds.


Up next? The Wonder Wheel, of course! (which requires it's own special ticket if you were wondering).

On the Wonder Wheel, you can opt for a swinging or non swinging car. Swinging cars are 1000x better, so unless you have a baby or an intense fear of fun, that should be your choice every time.

On our way towards the exit, Stephen made a snap decision to get a flash tattoo. This is an understandable decision when you're swept up in your first Coney Island experience as he was, a less understandable decision was deciding it would look best on his neck. This is especially true given he went with "the most popular design." It was a panda holding guns. I seriously can't make this stuff up.

Just before leaving we grabbed a hot dog from Nathan's. Stephen wanted one for the gram, obvi. I wanted one because I knew when I told my dad I went to Coney Island, the first thing he would ask is if I had a Nathan's hot dog (He's an enthusiastic viewer of the annual contest). I was totally right, by the way. 

To sum up: Stephen and I seriously had the best Summer day. I can now say I've been to Smorgasburg, tried a Nathan's hot dog and rode a subway end to end (Coney Island to Ditmars Blvd). If that's not what Summer's all about, I don't know what is. 

You'll for sure want to read Stephen's Coney Island post here, because I know that boy is going to be telling some hilarious half accurate account of the day. 

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