Friday, January 1, 2016

Get Stuff Done in 2016

Happy 2016, readers, and welcome to the first Whale & Wishbone post of the year! 

To be honest with you, I've never really been a big fan of New Year's. Although it's heartening to see how hopeful the world is, I'm not in love with the sweeping declarations of personal goals. Maybe it's because statistics show that less than 10% of people who make a resolution this year will be watching the ball drop for 2017 having been successful. 

So there's clearly some sort of disconnect there. 

I think it's amazing that we all want to better ourselves, and it's true that you're far more likely to achieve a goal that you explicitly state, but I also think it's time to do away with grand resolutions. 

Instead, I challenge you to turn your 2016 resolution into two things:

1. Actionable Goals

It's all well and good to say, "In 2016, I'm going to lose weight" or "In 2016, I'm going to get organized." It's much better, however, to say "In January, I'm going to lose 5 pounds" or "In January, I'm going to clean out my closet." The second smaller goals are less overwhelming and you are much more likely to be successful with a goal that feels achievable from the start. 

Come January 31st, you can re-access your priorities and make new actionable goals for February, and so on!

Which brings me to the second thing you need:

2. A Plan

I think this is the most essential and challenging part of achieving goals. Make a goal and then ask yourself "how exactly am I going to do this?" If you really want to achieve something, break it down into steps and assign dates. Maybe this means a weekly weigh in or a Saturday set aside to organize. 
Don't forget to write your plan down and put it somewhere you can see! 


Lastly, don't let some arbitrary date dictate your success. Do you know how many times in a year I resolve to make a positive change in my life? A lot, that's how many! As my girl T-Swift says "It's never too late to be brand new." So make goals in January, but make them in February and June too! 

Despite my blogging, I'm pretty private when it comes to personal goals, but rest-assured I'll be making a few serious actionable goals and a plan for this month surrounding my personal health, work, blogging, you name it! -- I would never tell you to do something I don't myself. 

I will share one goal with you, however. In January, I will go to brunch at least once a weekend, and my plan is to invite my friends to go to brunch every weekend. In fact, I have plans to brunch tomorrow-- looks like this girl is already on the road to success!

So, Happy New Year, readers. I wish you all the success in the world.

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