Friday, June 24, 2016

Whale & Wishful Thinking

Well hello, new weekly series! 

For a while now, I've been mulling over a way to start including things on Whale & Wishbone that aren't substantial enough to warrant their own posts. There are so many little things I want to share here each week, but they all end up getting listed in my phone and then forgotten. 

And so, I ultimately came up with this: A weekly update on my somewhat collected thoughts. Each Friday, I'll tell you what's been on my mind all week in no particular order -- the name of a new restaurant, upcoming plans I have, music I've been listening to, a fun story, anything! I'm calling it Whale & Wishful Thinking, because honestly what else would I call it?  

Ready for my first one ever? Good!

1. Brunch with the Breakfast Club:

This Saturday, I'm going to a screening of the Breakfast Club at Nitehawk Cinema! Nitehawk is a  Brooklyn movie theater where you eat while watching. They serve up a changing themed menu based on what movies are playing for -- you guessed it -- brunch! This weekend they're celebrating their 5th anniversary by showing the Breakfast Club, the movie from their first ever brunch screening. I've only ever been to Nitehawk once before to see When Harry Met Sally, and it was perfect. I can't wait to relive the magic of 80s teens in detention while sipping a mimosa.

2. Rainbow Playbills:

Broadway shows its colors all throughout June! For the third year in a row, all playbills get a makeover courtesy of Roy G Biv to celebrate LGBTQ Pride month in New York. Last Wednesday, I finally got my hands on one when I saw Fun Home with friends. Beautiful and emotional, there's perhaps no better show to see this month, and with a newly announced closing date of September 10th, I'm so glad I did. #playbillpride

2. Le Tote:

Oh my goodness Le Tote is crazy. My parents gave me a subscription for my birthday and I'm literally obsessed. It's essentially a clothing rental subscription.  For three months, I can receive an unlimited amount of "totes" which include 5 wardrobe items of my choice. Once I wear everything from one, I just send it back and get another. I'm currently waiting for my second tote and it's amazingggg. Stay tuned, because I'll definitely be featuring some Le Tote outfits soon! 

4. Record Player:

On my birthday, I was out in Astoria with my friend Kaitlyn and bought the Back to the Future soundtrack on vinyl, because of course I did. I literally have never been happier about a purchase. The only problem is I don't have a record player. So yep, I need that. On the plus side, my dad said he would let me use some of his old records because in his words, "why do I need them? I have an iphone." #millenials amight? 

5. Milky Jelly:

You might already know that I'm all about skincare products (see here, here and here). Recently, I've been using Glossier's cult cleanser milky jelly and I have to say I'm crazy impressed. My skin, especially around my eyes, is hypersensitive and most products cause it to burn when I remove my eye makeup. That's why I'm actually floored that Glossier's cleanser does it so well and is so gentle. Although it does take a little extra time at night. 

Also as a side note, Glossier has a pretty cool referral program and you can get 20% off your first purchase using this link

PS. If you have super sensitive skin too, this recent discovery is also a gem when it comes to removing eye makeup.

This Week's Instas:

Andddd there you have it. A round up of some thoughts from the week. You can see more of what my week looked like via Instagram above! Check back next Friday for a whole new crop of Whale & Wishful Thinking. xx

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