Sunday, August 23, 2015

Skincare Favorites

So it's no secret that I am absolutely in love with all things makeup. [You can check out my all time favorite products here and, while you're at it, definitely add the Naked palette to that list.] However, this post is not about makeup. Instead, It's about one of my favorite life lessons from my fabulous mother which is "you have got to take care of your skin," and more specifically "you better wash your face every night." 

Turns out, mom is 100% right on this one. While I don't have terrible skin to begin with (credit to mom once again for solid genes), I can definitely feel a difference on days when, for some reason, I skipped my skincare routine the night before. Not only do I think a skincare routine is crucial, but I also swear by the products I use.  

So today I'm sharing with you my five favorites for flawless skin! I'm especially excited to introduce you to my bf Mario Badescu because we're absolutely in love and never breaking up.

In order of routine: 

[Enzyme Cleansing Gel by Mario Badescu] I start with this face wash after removing my eye makeup. It's really cooling and perfect for removing dirt, oil and makeup. It also smells really good which is always a plus. 

[Cucumber Cleansing Lotion by Mario Badescu] I apply this with a cotton ball after washing my face with the cleansing gel. The consistency is more like water than gel and it's amazing at preventing breakouts.

[Face Polish by Laura Mercier] This. smells. incredible. I have only been using a sample size for a few weeks now but it has seriously changed my life. I use this scrub every few days and it makes my skin feel so unbelievably smooth.

[Chapstick] Nothing like good old classic chapstick for hydrated lips. I put it on every night before bed and am especially regimented about it in the winter. 

[Aloe Moisturizer by Mario Badescu] I always put moisturizer on my face before going to bed. I love how hydrated it makes my skin feel in the morning. I especially love this moisturizer because it's not too heavy and it's really gentle on sensitive skin.

Andddd, that's about it. It might sound like a lot, but it takes less than 5 minutes at night and in the morning. Also if you're interested this awesome Ulta kit comes with all three of the Mario Badescu products I use in mini! 

So thanks, Mom, for the life lesson, and also for the sold genetics. You're the best.

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