Friday, August 14, 2015

Note to Self

Recently, I cleaned my room. Now, this is amazing because when I say "cleaned" I mean really cleaned. I actually organized all of my drawers and my closet. I promise this is amazing because usually when I say "cleaned," I mean "haphazardly threw things in drawers until there's a path to my bed." This time, however, it is for real clean. It seriously looks beautiful and has for almost an entire week. You have my full permission to ask anyone in my family if you don't believe me.  

The point of all of this is not to tell the world my room is clean for once. No, I'm still getting to the point. You see, I have a small piece of furniture by my door that I wasn't sure how I wanted to style after all of the organizing went down. It used to have a ton of hair and beauty products on top that collectively didn't scream "style," so once they were moved I thought: what about note cards?

I have something of a note card obsession, which isn't the best because I most definitely collect more than I send. My collection isn't crazy, I mostly just love to look at all of the cards while I'm shopping, but truthfully the cards I do love enough to buy stay with me for a while. So instead of hiding them away in a drawer, I recently decided to put them on display! 

These Hello cards were only $1 for the pack from that crazy $1 section of Target when you first walk in. That section is literally my life. Apparently my friend Kelly once said "if you walk by the $1 section at the entrance of Target without stopping, then we can't be friends." I think those are wise words to live by. 

At this point you've probably noticed my lovely gold whale box. It's a rare occasion when whale related content makes it's way onto Whale & Wishbone, so I hope you enjoy it. This little number happened to be a graduation gift from my wonderful Godmother. Fun Fact: name your blog Whale & Wishbone and I assure you the number of whale and or wishbone related presents you'll receive will increase exponentially. It's actually pretty exciting. If you want further evidence, see this post

I thought it was cute to leave a single note card out of the stack as if I were about to write a card... also it covers up a very large chip in the paint I made from nail polish remover, but lets not talk about that (sorry mom). I also hope that by putting this magnifying glass out people will get confused and think their in Nancy Drew's room for a quick second. 

These note cards happen to be from an adorable set called Paris in Color. Each card features a different colorful scene from everyday life in Paris. 

If I'm being totally honest here, I haven't sent a single one to anyone yet. I keep thinking maybe I'll do something artsy with all of them, but let's face it that's never going to happen. So, I really just need to get the ball rolling and send the first one somewhere and then I feel like it won't be so hard to send the rest. << That whole paragraph was ridiculous, Natalie. Just send them. 

Oh my God, this Parisian cafe one is so cute. 

These cards are from Walmart, guys. WALMART. Are you dead? Because I am. "just a note." It's a music note!!! These might be the best purchase I have ever made from Walmart. 

Anyway, Note to Self: Stop buying note cards. Although, I'm not going to lie, I'm 100% obsessed with these and might buy them. Someone stop me. Seriously. 
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  1. Send me a note card! Not the music one though. Can I get the first image of the Paris set? Thanks, always and forever your friend.