Friday, July 1, 2016

Whale & Wishful Thinking

A week already? 
Here's what I've been thinking about during the past 7 crazy and chaotic days:

1. Avalon: 

For real, there were a million things on my mind this week and besides work, they all revolved around one of my favorite places in the world. On Saturday, I'm leaving New York for a week of beach, sun and family fun. Could I be any more excited? - said Chandler's voice.

My family has been going to Avalon, New Jersey every summer since I can remember, but this will be the first time in years that everyone will be there. I'll seriously see my mom's entire side of the family: Grandmom, aunts, uncles, and seven cousins included. Reunions are fun, plus I love this town with all my heart. To accurately convey my excitement here's that weird music video from the end of the Even Stevens Movie. Christy Carlson Romano is #livinggg. 

All other thoughts are simply sub categories of the first: 

2. Packing: 

If you tell me you enjoy packing, I maybe don't trust you. If you tell me you enjoy unpacking, you're straight up lying. 
I adore traveling, but I am a textbook over packer. I'm currently in the middle of packing for my trip and it's the worst. The "maybe I'll need it" thought wins out every single time, and I end up with a suitcase so heavy that I'm embarrassed to hand it over to guy loading the Megabus. 

Knowing my overpacking is 100% genetic helps. My mom is an even worse packer than me, if you can believe it. She's been known to pack her entire closet for a weekend trip.... Although, she always looks flawless. So is this really a problem?

Side Note: Although I bring way too much, the inside of my suitcase always looks beautiful if you were wondering. 

3. Stolen Sunnies:

Last Sunday, I marched in the pride parade with Birchbox and it was crazy fun. When else do you get the chance to dance from 39th to 14th street down a trafficless 5th avenue!? The only sad part of the day was that my favorite pair of sunglasses were sneakily snatched from my skirt pocket. [sob]
Side Note: that was some awesome alliteration. 

 RIP sunnies. You can relive the good times here, here and literally every post I have. I'm still depressed about losing them, but I also did buy a cute new pair today for vacation that I can't wait to share with you. 

Moral of the story is courtesy of Alastor Moody: constant vigilance. 

4. Beachy Blog Posts:

I honestly am so excited about upcoming Avalon blog posts. From beachy beauty to vacation style, I've got big plans in the works so stay tuned. Plus follow along on insta because nothing beats a good vacation gram.... and I'm already planning them in my mind. It's a sickness. 

This Week's Instas:

Happy Friday and cheers to a long weekend! 

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