Monday, May 9, 2016

Color Me Happy

In case you can't tell from my smile below, I had an incredible weekend. New York City is magical, but sometimes you just need a break from it all. This weekend I headed up to Albany to visit one of my former college roommates and all around favorite people Alana. Seeing her face would have been enough, but she planned the most perfect weekend including brunch, Albany's annual Tulip Festival, and a mini trip to the Adirondacks -- what more could a girl ask for?

Tulip Fest exceeded my wildest expectations! It was absolutely massive, with food trucks and music and vendors! Ironically, the only thing Alana and I couldn't find for sale were tulips. 

I went a little snap happy with my camera stopping at every turn to take a photo. I still can't believe how beautifully they came out! I've included so many in this post and it's for sure 1% or what I took 
-- It took us an extra five minutes to get everywhere, and Alana is basically a saint for putting up with it. 

These solo pics may look like we're frolicking alone in a field of flowers, but in reality there are hundreds of people around. It's all about those #angles... and not caring how long you have to sit in front of a flower bed until there's no one in the shot. 

I turned Alana's commemorative mug into a photo prop. I actually have a problem. 

All about that old-timey soda... plus unlimited refills with a commemorative cup isn't a bad deal. 

Road trips are the best - even mini ones. This hour and a half trip to Alana's home in the Adirondacks was awesome, mainly because I made Alana and her boyfriend Tyler listen to the entire Lemonade album. I think they secretly loved it and are joining the Beyhive as we speak. 

I strongly suggest you watch this gif while listening to Life is a Highway. 

Of course, our perfect day was topped off with a campfire and s'mores, complete with creepy ghost stories as told by Alana's dad. I can't tell you how incredible it is to see a full sky of stars when you spend 99% of your time in New York City. Alana's still bitter that she was the only one who couldn't spot the Big Dipper -- "they all just look like dots!"

And then... some sorcery happened (cough* Alana's dad *cough) and we ended up with a rainbow campfire! Not joking I probably took over 100 pictures -- millennials these days, amiright?

And so ends my wonderfully colorful weekend adventure. 
Here's wishing you a productive Monday and a week full of tulips and rainbow campfires-- or you know, just some fun. 

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