Thursday, May 19, 2016

I Scream for Ice Cream (and Lip Balm)

Sorry Mom, yesterday I for real had ice cream for breakfast and have zero regrets about it. 

All month long, "skincare first" beauty brand Glossier has a collaboration with New York's Morgenstern' Finest Ice Cream. Together they've created three custom ice cream flavors to match Glossier's three just-launched Balm Dotcom flavors: Mint, Rose and Cherry!  

What's more, the first 20 people to order a Glossier ice cream push-pop every day this month get the corresponding Balm Dotcom fo freeeeee! 

Obviously, this all means that yesterday I woke up at 6am to make it to Morgensterns by 7:45... because if there's one thing I love more than ice cream, it's ice cream and lip balm. Of course, I also dragged my friend Shay along on this 8am adventure (who you might remember as my first ever professional posse member)! 

Anecdotal side note: Shay and I had originally planned on doing this trip on Monday, but after sleeping an hour past my alarm, I frantically texted Shay to apologize with no response. It was only after I got out of work that I noticed an apologetic email from Shay saying that she had lost her phone the night before! 

So I guess the double bad luck worked in our favor.... What can I say? We're both a bit of a mess, but we eventually got it together.  

When it came to choosing flavors, I opted for Mint and Shay, Rose. The mint ice cream was absolutely incredible, although I expected nothing less given Morgenstern's regular Mint Chip is crazy good. 

Ughh Glossier's packaging is everything. 

This is my first Balm Dotcom and I'm obsessed. It goes on so smooth and lasts seemingly forever. The mint is also so refreshing and not too overwhelming. 

Full disclosure, my nails matching the mint packaging was no accident. Shay's coat matching, on the other hand, was absolutely a happy surprise. 

Shay, snap chatting away. 

If you're wondering whether we were alone in our crazy morning ice cream expedition, the answer is no. There were at least 7 other Glossier die hards waiting to join us in some serious push-pop photo shoots and 8am ice cream. 

Not only did each push-pop come with a Balm Dotcom, but also a $5 off code to fuel my online shopping addiction. 

Morgenstern's is quite possibly my favorite ice cream shop in the city (you may recall I brought my whole family there on Easter Weekend), and this Glossier collaboration was absolutely fantastic. I'm honestly blown away by such an innovative partnership and loved everything about the experience. 

Beauty and/or ice cream fans, you should definitely start planning your own trek to Morgenstern's! 
I may even see you there.... ice cream for breakfast just one time somehow doesn't seem like enough! Plus, I'm on a mission to procure all Balm Dotcom flavors, one way or another.

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