Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It Would Be a Shame to Miss New York in the Spring

New York City is currently teetering on the edge of spring, and while I'm certainly deep into summer planning, I'm not ready to let go of the season quite yet. The city seriously comes to life this time of year! The streets are so vibrant and exciting, and it feels like you can't go anywhere without seeing adorable babies and dogs that were clearly in hibernation throughout the winter. 

My friend Caroline and I celebrated a classically warm and breezy weekend with an outdoor brunch at the Smith, and a stroll through some West side flea markets.  

Perfect Spring weekends for me are all about chic comfort and buying flowers on the street.... because for real, what am I doing with my life if I don't buy flowers "just because" once and a while? 

I'm very into the monochromatic look lately which is why I chose to layer my safari jacket over this incredibly comfortable dress from Zara -- It is seriously like wearing pajamas! 

Caroline had me laughing through this shoot, as always. This time it was about these gorgeous apartments, and basically how she has never seen anyone go in or out of them. Her "no one actually lives here" theory came crashing down when I finally spotted someone using their keys.  

Madewell's "Bien Fait" tote is the perfect companion for flowers and flea market finds. 

I have essentially been living in my Adidas superstars since buying them. They're so comfortable and stylish and perfect for lots of walking.... I don't even care that I spot another pair every time I ride the subway! 

Moral of this story: embrace stylish comfort and enjoy the breezy spring weather while it lasts. Like my main man Joe Fox (aka Tom Hanks) says, "It would be a shame to miss New York in the Spring." 

Outfit: [Zara Dress, similar / similar / similar] [Bar III Jacket, similar/similar] [Madewell Tote] [Adidas sneakers] [Tory Burch Sunglasses, similar] [Daniel Wellington watch]
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