Saturday, July 2, 2016

A New Summer Series

Stephen was a baby freshman when I was a junior at Fordham. Now he'll be starting his senior year and I feel old. We've been friends ever since I interviewed him for a position on the campus activities board about three years ago.  He was so cute and profesh, talking about how he couldn't wait to get involved. The following year he interviewed wearing a bunny costume. I'm not joking. 

Sometimes I just can't even with Stephen. He makes me laugh so much and since he just got back from having five months of study abroad adventures in South Africa, we have so many summer plans! 

That brings me to this post. Not too long ago, I helped Stephen start a blog of his own called No Map, Just Baggage focusing on travel, life and everything in between. I don't think he's written a single post where I didn't laugh out loud. And so, we decided to do a linked series this summer. Together we made a list of 7 things we want to do in the next two months and we'll be simultaneously blogging about each! Although the topics will be the same, I can only imagine how insanely different the posts will be. Ready for the list!?

1. Pinknic

When a party has a dress code color, you know it's over the top. Pinknic is a rosé themed picnic and music festival on Governor's Island. Stephen and I are busting out our best pink outfits and attending on July 10th. We're ready to sip rosé, eat cotton candy and take ferris wheel pics. Elle Woods would approve. 

2. Coney Island

Speaking of ferris wheels, Summer in New York wouldn't be complete without taking a spin on the wonder wheel... even if it means an hour on the NQR. 

3. The Met Rooftop

I've been dying to see the Cornelia Parker Exhibit on the Met Rooftop -- pun intended because the exhibit adds the classic red barn from Psycho to the New York skyline. Nothing says happy hour like a creepy miniature building. 

4. Black Tap Milkshakes

These milkshakes are the definition of "do it for the gram." They're out of control and Stephen is already insisting we each get two instead of splitting. TBD on whether this post will happen. I might just fall into a sugar coma. 

5. Smorgasburg

Anddd the food just keeps on coming. As much as I love the NYC food scene, I have never been to the city's biggest food market (only the south street seaport pop-up)! Smorgasburg is a Brooklyn Flea spinoff and features over 1000 vendors. You'll probably see Stephen and I there wearing stretchy pants. 

6. Rooftop Pool

Summer in the city can get crazyyy hot. What better way to beat the heat than combining two of my favorite things. Can't wait to soak up the sun and soak in the skyline poolside. 

7. Bottomless Drag Brunch

I suggested brunch. Stephen added "bottomless" and "drag." I have anxiety. We'll see how this goes. 

And there you have it. Check back for updates on our progress plus be sure to check out Stephen's blog and series intro post here >>>> 

Oh and for fun here's a pic of Stephen replacing me in my family.  

I hope you have fun following our summer adventures! 

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