Friday, January 6, 2017

Christmas in the Burgh

It takes roughly 6 hours to get from New York City to Pittsburgh... 8 if we're talking about the Megabus (my most common form of transportation home). The trip is long and exhausting and by the end, I'm basically Chance, Sassy and Shadow

Despite the long journey, I love being home, and I especially love it during the holidays. This particular visit, although short, was wonderful. The scarcity of my trips to Pittsburgh make me really appreciate every minute I get to spend at home with my family. It also causes me to go a little shutter happy with my camera, so I thought I'd share a few of my favorites with you.

My family spent most of Christmas Eve in the city. Our first stop was the gorgeous Ace Hotel for brunch. 

The Ace is in a restored YMCA building. Double doors hide a three story gymnasium with original floors to prove it. The architecture of the hotel is incredible and the decor is bursting with the culture and history of Pittsburgh.

The Ace also serves up a truly stellar brunch. The menu includes the biggest pancake I have ever seen... which is obviously super important to mention. 

You'll find a old fashioned photobooth in the aforementioned gymnasium, perfect for family selfies.

After brunch, we walked around Pittsburgh's Strip District to shop for all the things you're supposed to eat when you're home for the holidays. We bought coffee, biscotti, cheese, and all kinds of goodies for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  

This was our amazing Christmas Eve dinner, which is always our big sit-down. Christmas Day is much more of an "eat all day" affair. 

The majority of Christmas Day is spent together in our living room, exchanging gifts and watching movies. 

The pride and joy of the tree and the family - joking... about the tree part. - joking again. 

We ended a Christmas Day with a round of our favorite family game. Scrabble is universally loved in the Salerno house.

And so concludes another holiday at home. I returned to New York after a solid dose of delicious food and family time. Now it's onwards and upwards through 2017. I hope your holidays were as wonderful as mine, and I promise you'll hear from me soon. xx 

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