Monday, August 8, 2016

Shakin' up the Summer

Recently, Stephen, Alex and I went on a quest to try the famous Black Tap milkshakes -- You know, the ones that look crazy and giant and impossible to finish

When you stand in line over an hour for a milkshake, you might find yourself in a "look at your life, look at your choices" type situation. In my mind though, we were really waiting for a crazy insta opportunity plus a milkshake, so... worth it right?  

After waiting about an hour and a half to get inside, we found ourselves in a basement of half empty tables. This had us seriously wondering whether they purposely keep a line outside just maintain the hype. #sneaky #everythingisalie

After eating a standard burger joint dinner, we were ready for the main event. That brings me to...

5 things to know about Black Tap milkshakes:

1. There are four flavors: sweet n' salty (above), the cookie, cotton candy and sour power

Do yourself a favor and get the sweet n' salty or the cookie. They're both crazy good. I haven't tried all four flavors, but honestly something about a cotton candy milkshake makes me hesitant. Plus ugh sour. I mean you do you, but if you order anything else you're wrong. 

Below is Stephen and I taking in the glory that is the sweet n' salty milkshake. 

2. For a group of three you do not need more than two milkshakes. 

We ordered two despite Stephen wanting to order one each. My response was "Stephen, we will literally be sick. Go ask those girls over there to pose with their shakes if you want more for your insta." We seriously didn't even finish two. 

look at these cuties. 

3. Snap your pictures quickly because the melting situation is REAL

You probably have less than 5 minutes before you have a serious case or collapsing milkshake on your hands. This becomes a bigger problem when combined with number 4...

4. If you order more than one milkshake, they probably won't arrive at your table at the same time. 

Black Tap brings milkshakes out as soon as they're ready regardless of whether they're ready together. I honestly thought Stephen was going to have a nervous breakdown as he waited for our second milkshake to arrive while our first slowly collapsed-- terrified he wouldn't get a good 'gram with both. Below is a picture of him sweating it out. 

Clearly Stephen got his pic, but I still die at the milkshake size difference.

5. Most importantly: milkshakes are best enjoyed with friends.

Who else is going to snap your pic and eat 5000 calories with you?

These two are seriously shining rays of sunshine in my life and had me laughing from the hour wait to empty glasses.

anddddd done-ish.

I couldn't even tell you what's happening above. Maybe a sugar high. 

P.S. If you can't get enough milkshakes or Stephen in your life, be sure to check out his post about our adventure here.
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