Sunday, January 18, 2015

The Perfection that is Cafe Lalo

If we're being real, most of my money is spent at restaurants in the city. I love trying new ones and returning to old favorites. Cafe Lalo is one of those old favorites. I went for the first time 2 years ago because a scene from You've Got Mail was filmed inside. "Love" is an understatement for how I feel about that movie. So, needless to say, I died when I discovered it was a real place and quickly made plans to go live out my Nora Ephron dreams. Ever since, it has been my go to spot to take friends and family visiting the city. 

Despite being relatively famous, something about Cafe Lalo makes you feel as though you've stumbled onto some precious city secret. Absolutely everything is delicious and for being so small, it never feels crowded. The pictures below are from my most recent excursion to the Upper West Side for lunch. 

I've tried so many things on the menu, but pictured above is Lalo's Favorite Salad: roasted eggplant, portabello mushrooms, cauliflower, avocado and asparagus. It was amazing. 

Also, side note: clearly I'm part of the generation obsessed with taking pictures of food.  

My friend Astrid joined me on this most recent visit. She had steamed eggs with feta and avocado. 

I'm warning you now that there is no way you can eat here and not get dessert. Their dessert menu is longer than their main menu and everything is to die for-- just don't ask about the calorie count. On one late night visit, I split a piece Dulce de Leche Cheesecake with my friend and, not kidding, he asked our waitress about purchasing a whole one to take home for himself. Of course,  I was the voice of reason in that situation and prevented it. 

This time I just had two small cookies: Fudge Top and Walnut Ice Box. 

These are Astrid's fabulous glasses. Clearly we had no fun at all. 

P.S. In case you're interested, below is the Cafe Lalo scene from You've Got Mail with Tom Hanks and Rom-Com Queen, Meg Ryan. If you haven't seen the whole movie, you probably should just drop everything and do that right now. 

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