Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Tis the Season for Holiday Adventures

"Is there anything more wonderful than Christmas in New York?" Even at age 6, Eloise knows what's up. It's almost Christmas and, even without snow on the ground, the magic in New York City is overflowing. With just two days left until Christmas, and the New Year just around the bend, I want to share with you three fun ways you can still soak up the season in the Big Apple that aren't "visiting the tree in Rockefeller Center," (although, you know.... I did that too).

[Go See "It's a Wonderful Life" at the IFC Center] 

You'll find lots of holiday movie screenings crop up in December, but I would argue that none will leave you feeling the joy of the season quite like this Christmas classic. Watching George Bailey dance into a pool, promise Mary the moon, and get a little help from angels should be on everyone's Christmas to do list, but seeing it in theaters makes it all the more magical. I went with my friend, Phil and it was just the best. 

Catch it today, tomorrow, or even Christmas Day!

[Eat at Eataly's Italian Alps Pop-Up Restaurant: Baita] 

Eataly seriously knows how to do Winter right. All season, you can visit the most beautiful mountain ski lodge without ever leaving Manhattan. Inside Baita, you'll find beautiful fairy lights, cozy blankets on every chair, gorgeous christmas trees, and of course, a delicious menu that includes some holiday favorites. Order a glass of mulled wine and you may just forget you're in the country, let alone New York City. 

Eat there now through March! 

I went with my adorable friend, Lea.

[Catch a Vintage Subway or Bus] 

  Every Sunday in December, the MTA is running vintage subway cars along the M track between Queens Plaza and 2nd Avenue. You'll know it's coming by the classic whistle and holiday wreath adorning the first car.  You can also find a vintage bus running a long M42 route. It's the perfect mix of New York nostalgia and holiday cheer. 

Catch a ride this Sunday the 28th! 

Side Note: I have no pictures because, not joking, my friend, Phil, and I had the toughest time getting on a vintage train last Sunday. I misread time tables and we saw the train pass by twice going the opposite way. We gave up, but it's fine-- we laughed a lot.


There really is no place like New York City during the holidays, and I certainly took advantage of it leading up to my trip back to good old Pennsylvania. Now that I'm home, however, I'm so happy to just to have some wonderful family time and live vicariously through Eloise.
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