Thursday, December 24, 2015

How to Win Every Wrap Battle

You can't judge a gift by its wrapping, but that doesn't mean presentation isn't important. Even if, like me, you're a Christmas Eve wrapper, there's still time to make your perfect gift look perfect on the outside too. Today I'm sharing my super easy formula to take your wrapping from generic to genuinely incredible, even last-minute! 

[Beautiful Paper]

Put some thought into the paper you use to wrap. If you're out and about today, you could splurge on some of my favorite wrapping from Paper Source (see here and here)! But, if it's a total not-leaving-the-house kind of Christmas Eve, consider using plain brown packing paper or newspaper. Both give off a classic, beautiful, and somewhat vintage vibe. 

[Twine, Ribbon.... or any string, really]

Hand tying a bow with twine or ribbon is the perfect way to update the typical store-bought bow. I'm weird and tend to collect string scraps all year, but I recognize that that's not the norm, so just use whatever you have lying around! This year I opted for the whole "brown paper packages tied up with string" look for my gifts (see above). I mean, it is Maria's favorite, and that's good enough for me. 

Side Note: That adorable card is from my wonderful friend, Lucy. xx

[Pine Branches, Cookie Cutters & Cinnamon Sticks]

These are what I like to call "toppers," and they always take wrapping from great to incredible. Better yet, they can easily be things that you already have lying around the house this time of year. Cut a few branches from your tree, grab some cinnamon sticks or candy canes from your kitchen, pull out that christmas cookie cutter you rarely use... the possibilities are endless! Secure it to the top of your present with the aforementioned string or ribbon, and you, my friend, have got a show stopping gift.

It's really that simple. Paper, string, and a topper are the only three elements you need for great wrapping and they offer endless combinations! If you follow the formula and get a little creative, I promise you'll win every wrap battle tomorrow. 

Happy wrapping and Merry Christmas Eve! 
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