Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Best Birthday Freebies

Oh my goodness, I am such a sucker for free things on my birthday, which just so happens to be tomorrow! What could possibly be better than getting things just for being born?

Of course, I want you to join in on the fun too, which is why today I'm sharing some of the best birthday offers out there. Below are my four personal favorite freebies to collect during my birthday month of June! 

1. Sephora Birthday Gift
Every year, Sephora offers their Beauty Insiders a free gift during their birthday month. This year it happens to be a collection of two NARS lip pencils that I can't wait to try! Becoming a beauty insider is easy and completely free, and trust me that the perks are worth it. 

2. Starbucks Birthday Drink
I live for free drinks from Starbuck. What's great is that when they say "any drink is free" they really mean it. Although, I stand by my statement that "no one needs a coffee taller than their face," getting a $7 Venti latte for free can be a complete rush.  

3. Sam Brocato Salon Birthday Gift
The salon in Soho, where I get my haircut, offers clients a choice between three complimentary birthday gifts. Clients can opt for a free eyebrow or lip wax, 15 minute chair massage or full sized hair product! I personally always go for the product. Currently, the swell volume full body styling clay and the super silk leave in treatment are for sure among my faves, but who knows what I'll pick this year? 

4. Benefit Birthday Brow Wax
Most Benefit counters offer free birthday brow waxing services! All you have to do is call ahead to book your bday appointment and you're good to go. Make sure you bring a few dollars though, because while the $20 service is free, that doesn't include tip!

So be sure to celebrate your birthday right this year by taking full advantage of all of the giveaways out there. I certainly will because, lets be real, it's true what they say, "the best things in life are free." 
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