Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Pittsburgh Adventures

Although I miss New York City like crazy, Pittsburgh is still pretty cool. Even though I've spent most of my life just 40 minutes outside of the Pittsburgh, I would still say I don't know the city half as well as I know New York. For this reason, I think I should try make the most of the Burgh, while I'm here, with a little adventuring. 

This past weekend marked the first summer adventure with my sister Alexandra and our friend Sam. Sam was visiting for the weekend to go with us to Saturday's Kenny Chesney Concert.  So Friday was spent playing tourist in Pittsburgh, since Sam has never been. 

Our first stop was Sienna Mercato for dinner, which houses three restaurants on three floors. We decided to eat at Emporio for gourmet meatballs. Given that the restaurant features four different kinds of meatballs and nine different kinds of sauces, I felt as though it was important to at least try each kind of meatball. So, naturally I ordered 4 sliders. 

They were quite larger than expected. 

If you visit Emporio, I would suggest sticking with the classic beef and marinara. You can't go wrong with "grandma's secrets."

If you venture to the top of Sienna Mercato, you'll find the rooftop beer garden Il Tetto. It's adorable, but I'll say that about any place with bulb string lights. 

I ordered Prosecco at a beer garden and I'm not sorry about it. 

They're cute. 

Our final stop of the day was the Andy Warhol Museum, a must for any first time Pittsburgh tourist. There's currently a new interactive exhibit where visitors can create their own silent screen tests just like the famous painter turned filmmaker. Warhol made approximately five hundred during his lifetime. You can read more about his screen tests here, or just watch the hilariously awkward one Alexandra and Sam basically forced me to make below. "It'll be good for the blog!" 

While I'm sure to be sharing some more Pittsburgh adventures here in the near future, don't think I've forgotten about New York. In fact, while you're reading this, It's very likely I'm on a seven hour bus to the city at this very moment. I'll be there for the next few days to see some amazing friends and to have a little birthday fun. I absolutely can't wait. 

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