Saturday, May 9, 2015

What's Been Happening

Why hello there! 
You may have noticed that posts have been a little few and far between lately, but let's be real, you probably haven't. However, if you were starting to worry that I was abandoning blogging forever or I fell off of a cliff or something, fear not. I'm alive and well and have tons of exciting things planned for Whale & Wishbone. So you can definitely expect more frequent posts in the future, pending I continue to do fun things with my life.  

Anyway, Here's what I've been up to lately:

1. Attempting to Graduate College

Yeah, I still can't believe this is a thing. Finals were the absolute worst this year, but I'm officially finished as of yesterday and it feels incredible. Now it's onto a jam-packed senior week schedule before graduation day on Saturday! 

2. Creating a New Page Addition to Whale and Wishbone

It's nothing too crazy, but I think it will be a fun content addition to the blog. Without giving too much away, I think any fellow foodies out there will enjoy it, especially if they're in New York City!

Anyway, that's actually all I've been up to, unless you count watching Netflix when I should have been studying. Just kidding... I multitasked. 
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