Friday, March 13, 2015

Pack a Carry On like a Pro

Spring Break begins tomorrow and like everyone else, I am so ready for a little time away from school. I'll be spending the first part of my break in Colorado visiting my Aunt, Uncle and cousin, and the last few days enjoying some time at home in Pittsburgh. Tonight I'm flying into Denver and the excitement is real. I've never been to Denver before and I can't wait to relax with family and explore a new city! 

The flight from NYC to Colorado is about 4.5 hours, which is not bad at all, in my opinion. Also, with the exception of going through security, I really love airports. I think it's so interesting to see a city's pride and culture reflected in its airport, which is why I especially love seeing new ones. Also, I tend to associate them with the general feeling of excitement and adventure! 

In case, like me, you'll be doing some jet setting of your own in the near future, I've included a guide to help you pack the perfect airport carry on. While, packing in general is always a struggle for me (I pack very neatly, but always inevitably bring more than necessary), I will say that I have the carry on packing pretty much down to a science at this point. 

[Reading Material] Air Travel is the perfect place to catch up on reading. I am so looking forward to diving back into My Life in France. I'll also probably pick up a few magazines in the airport.

[Journal] Often I'll use plane time to collect my thoughts by making mental to do lists or just reflecting on the day. For this reason, I alway make a point of bringing my adorable Kate Spade journal. P.S. Don't forget a pen! 

[Hand Cream] Often, I find the air on planes to be rough on skin, which is why bringing hand cream never hurts. Just make sure it's under 3.4 ounces. 

[Lip Scrub] I feel like I'm always talking about this edible lip scrub by Lush (see here and here), but I'm just so obsessed that I want everyone to own one. I honestly take it everywhere.

[Water] A no brainer, but be sure to buy it once you're past security! 

[Charging Phone Case] My Mophie case is a life saver! It doubles the battery life of my iPhone and is perfect for travel when there's no outlet to charge. 

[Lip Balm] The perfect companion to my Mint Julips scrub. Definitely try Burt's Bees in Coconut Pear

[Hand Sanitizer] Hand Sanitizer is always a good idea for travel, especially when you're going to be in close proximity to a lot of people. 

[Snacks] I always get hungry on planes. Lately I've been craving Kind Bars. Their Almond Cashew and Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew flavors are especially delicious. 

[Headphones] Always necessary. 

[Gum] Definitely great for the inevitable need for ear popping. I'm a child because my gum of choice is Big Red

[Airborne] I'm terrified of getting sick on planes, so I drink Airborne before for a healthy dose of vitamins and a boast to my immune system. (wow, I'm sorry for how much that sounded like an infomercial). 

Just a small note: for longer flights, I would add a neck pillow and an eye mask to this list for sure! 
Happy and Safe Travels!  
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