Wednesday, March 11, 2015

My Insta Obsession: Accounts to Follow

A few weeks ago, I published a post on 5 of my favorite Instagram accounts to follow, and today I want to share 5 more with you. Instagram continues to give me life and I'll try to share a few of my fave accounts every so often! 
Run by: Francesca Marie Hemsey
Type: Food, Blogger

Francesca combines her personal musings with some incredible cooking on her blog Pensive Foodie. The photos on her Instagram are always stunningly rustic and completely mouthwatering. Everything about her posts seems so picturesque but authentic. I honestly just want to have a conversation with her over coffee and some of her homemade cinnamon rolls

Run by: Rachel Parcell
Type: Blogger

Rachel runs the fashion and lifestyle blog Pink Peonies  and her Instagram is so beautifully bright and girly. She posts amazing style pictures along with adorable family pics of her husband and dog, Dash. Her posts never fail to brighten up my newsfeed, and the fact that she's currently pregnant just makes everything that much more adorable. 

Run by: Burberry
Type: Brand
Burberry runs an on point Instagram in terms of branding. During shows and fashion weeks, expect to find a lot of runway and red carpet shots, but my personal favorite posts are of the streets of London. The company does a lot to remind followers that they are quintessentially British, and this includes perfect shots of London with captions like "Clouds gathering over St James's Park in London this afternoon." Having both lived and studied abroad in England, it's all very whimsical and nostalgic for me. 

Run by: Jenna Rae & Ashley Nicole
Type: Food, Brand
These ladies never fail to impress with their beautiful creations for their Canadian bakery. Everything is just so creative and incredible. "Blueberry pancake," "birthday cake gems," "lucky charms," "cinnamon bun," and "london fog" are just a few examples of their ever changing macaron flavors. The icing on the cake (get it)? Jenna Rae is apparently a "self taught cake artist!" It still blows my mind. If I ever make it to Winnipeg, I know where I'm stopping first. 
Happy gramming! 
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