Tuesday, February 9, 2016

A Bedroom Bar Cart

Over two years ago, my mother talked a very impulsive Natalie out of buying a bar cart on clearance. It was in Target and gold and wooden and gorgeous. Not to mention, I had birthday money burning a hole in my pocket. 

"You don't even have a real apartment!" I remember her saying, and I did NOT want to hear it -- I was in love and the deal was just so good. Ultimately, she talked me out of the purchase, and although she was a 100% right (I had no need for a bar cart at that point in my life), I loved to torture her with the constant reminder: she was the reason I didn't own the bar cart of my dreams. 

Fast forward to this past December when I was shocked to find the most incredible bar cart under the tree on Christmas morning. It was a gift from my amazing parents, and it was leaps and bounds more beautiful than the one on clearance. 

I couldn't wait to get it back to Astoria to style!

Side Note: God bless my magician of a father who expertly fit it into the car with all the other crap I needed to get back to my apartment. 

I decided to keep it in my room, but thought it might be beyond aggressive to have a full out bar cart of booze in my bedroom, which is why I opted to style the cart as more of an espresso station. My new espresso maker was also a Christmas present from my parents and, while I'm not applying to Starbucks anytime soon, I've have gotten pretty good at brewing a half decent latte! 

I love collecting matchboxes from restaurants. I chose a few of my favorites to display on my bar cart along with some gorgeous gold chevron glasses. The glasses are from C. Wonder's crazy "going out of business" sale -- I'm still not over it (sob). 

Above my cart hangs a Norman Parkinson Collection print from Ikea. I love it because it's a vintage photograph of Blackpool and it reminds me of my time living in England. 

I've been brewing espresso from La Prima in Pittsburgh -- this one is a chocolate body with hints of cherry and honey. My sister picked it out and it's delish. 

"Treat Yourself" is of course a favorite motto of mine --You might remember from here or here

The bottom level of my cart is reserved for a smattering of miscellaneous items: some mugs, bowls, booze, corks and a coffee grinder. 

Ultimately, It's all still a work in progress. 
But I'm super excited to continuously style and, of course, share with you.  
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P.S. Target always has a selection of really nice bar carts if you're in the market. Mine specifically can be found here

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