Tuesday, November 17, 2015

My Insta Obsession: Accounts to Follow

I'm always on the search for new and exciting Instagram accounts. I follow bloggers, artists, restaurants, celebrities, and of course some of my real life favorite people. While following 1,662 accounts frequently causes me to miss posts from my closest friends, it certainly makes for an interesting feed, overflowing with inspiration, humor and beauty. 

Occasionally, I like to share with you a few of my favorites. Below you'll find five accounts I've been particularly in love with lately. 

Run by: Krissy O'Shea
Type: Blogger

Krissy has managed to cultivate an account that is perfect in its simplicity. Her warm yet muted color scheme must be meticulously planned, but I prefer to imagine that her entire world is in beautiful shades of brown, red and white. This account is for the traveler, the cook and for those who, like me, occasionally think life would be simpler in a country cottage. 

Run by: Hunter & Sarah Lawrence 
Type: Pup

This Colorado pup has gained quite the following in less than a year on the insta-scene and it's not difficult to see why. This golden is all about adventure; from playing in the snow, to hiking in the mountains, to going on road trips! I'm essentially living vicariously through a dog. Oh, and did I mention he's beyond adorable?

Run by: Chrissy Teigen
Type: Celebrity

I want to be Chrissy Teigen. She's beautiful, hilarious and a total foodie. Whether she's playing with an easy bake oven in her dressing room or posting #mancrusheveryday pics of her hubby John Legend as an awkward teen, her account always keeps me laughing! Clearly a model who doesn't take herself too seriously, her Instagram bio reads "Don't be all like uncool."

Run by: Adam Partridge
Type: Photographer

Oh Adam Partridge, the Instagram of my daydreams. Essentially this talented photographer just rides his bike around Dorset, England while taking breath taking photos of the sleepy town. A quick scroll through his account will have you wanting to pack your bags and head straight for the English countryside forever... or at least that's how it makes me feel.

Run by: Amber Fillerup Clark
Type: Blogger

Amber Fillerup of the Barefoot Blonde is the definition of hair envy. This stylish blogger knows how to braid with the best of them, and constantly looks like she's stumbled out of a Pantene commercial. That's not to mention the fact that her family is incredibly adorable. She even has another little one on the way. Just be warned that if you follow, prepare to develop some incredibly unrealistic hair expectations. 

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