Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Mermaids Eat Brunch Too

I think I speak for all of New York when I say "I'm over this cold weather." This freezing month of February is just too much to handle right now and the feeling of hopelessness is beginning to creep in. That's why, last weekend, I needed a little dose of the shore as a reminder that Summer will eventually come back and all is not lost. 

Given that I wasn't in position to jump on a plane to the tropics, I instead headed to the Upper West Side for brunch at the Mermaid Inn with my friend, Astrid. Last Saturday, while sitting with my back to the window, enjoying old bay fries, I almost forgot that Manhattan was covered with muddy snow and my weather app still said "feels like 6 degrees."

This place is honestly the cutest and reminds me of some of my favorite seaside restaurants in Avalon, New Jersey, where I vacation every summer. From the painted white wood, to the beautiful bar and light fixtures, it's all just so perfect. Also, I'm a sucker for a well arranged gallery wall. 

Everything on their menu looks amazing, both in the "mouth watering" sense and the "adorable use of font" sense. Also, side note: I'm obsessed with their website design. 

Astrid ended up having the tres leche challah french toast with strawberries, while I ordered the egg whites with toast and chicken and apple sausage, substituting the lyonnaise potatoes for old bay fries. 

I purposely wore an outfit that hinted at nautical style without going overboard (pun totally intended). I absolutely love this short sleeved striped sweater from J.Crew. It's warm and heavy but not overbearing, and p.s. It's on sale! 

Oh, and did I mention the fries? Honestly, these fries! I can't even. This is the first time I've seen old bay fries outside of shore towns, so this discovery was particularly exciting for me. If you don't know, old bay is a type of seasoning, and if you've never tried them, you should, because you might just be missing a part of your soul and not even know.  

Astrid was looking casually flawless, as always. 

Cheers! Astrid had the Fresca, while I enjoyed Gone with the Gin (let's be real, I ordered it because of the name).  

Anyway, if you're in New York and the weather's got you feeling down, I suggest a trip to the Caribbean... and if that's not feasible, try the Mermaid Inn.

 If all else fails, just keep your chin up and remember the wise words of Lily Pulitzer:"It's always Summer somewhere." 
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